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Brandy Tanner, also known as Brandy Ellen, is a work from home professional who decided to put her many years experience in direct sales, data entry, administrative assistant work and much more as a means to assist entrepreneurs to succeed without going broke. Brandy works within your budget, this work is high quality but with a fair quality price.

Brandy’s mission is to help others succeed without breaking their bank by utilizing her over six years experience in social media, direct sales and blogging to build their brand.

With the mindset that work is to be done around the family, not vice versa, Brandy will bring a positive attitude, open minded outlook and team playing mindset to your business structure as a loyal and dedicated independent contractor.

Let’s talk about your business needs and goals to develop a plan of attack to build your brand into success! Supporting those who don’t feel like their work is “work” is Brandy’s passion. After-all, you never feel as if you’ve worked a day in your life if you do what you love.

Read recommendations for Brandy via LinkedIn. Contact Brandy today via admin@brandyellen.com.

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