My Services


Research – $20 per task

  • Create a list of topic ideas for blog content based on your niche.
  • Find groups via Facebook and LinkedIn that published content can be promoted in.
  • Find contributors or guest bloggers for your site.
  • Do any research tasks that you feel should be completed for your site, as requested.

Blog and Website Content

Content – $10 – $25 per task or hour

  • Highlight, italicize, edit as requested to include adding photos.
  • Provide and insert quality photographs into your written content. Article relevant SEO will be done on all photos.
  • Schedule your content to be published.
  • Write some content; such as paid posts for you.

Blog and Website Content

Promotion – $5 – $25 per task or hour

  • Share content on social media outlets; yours and/or mine.
  • Share content via FB and/or LinkedIn Groups.
  • Blog commenting groups – will complete blog commenting for groups that are set up for blog commenting.
  • FB and/or Twitter Share Groups – will use your FB and/or Twitter posts to be promoted in FB and/or Twitter “like” or “RT” groups.
  • List Giveaways – will list giveaways you are hosting on giveaway link ups and other giveaway listing websites.
  • Any other promotional tasks you would prefer to outsource.

Blog and Website Content

Extras – $5 – $25 per task or hour

As always, I am open to created an ongoing relationship with you or per project work basis to be on call for you. Packaged rates for services are available upon request. Simply use my contact me page for details or email me directly at or


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