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The Dreamer in me says …

Why is it that we must define a person as good or bad? I mean, obviously, there are people in this world who make choices that clearly come from a place of feeling unloved. While the actions can be seen as bad, for they’re inflicting pain rather than love out into the world, can we […]

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Setting a Daily Intention – Practice

Today I set the intention to feel gratitude in every moment I breathe and to forgive myself for mistakes made. To remember that I am worthy of a beautiful life of travel, love, and happiness. I’ve been so focused on trying to resolve how I went from Point A to Point B to Point C, […]

Express Water: Your Gateway to Pure, Healthy Drinking Water at Home

Water is life. It’s as simple and as profound as that. In our quest for a healthier lifestyle, the quality of the water we drink plays a pivotal role. This is where Express Water stands out as a premier manufacturer and supplier of Reverse Osmosis (RO) and filtration systems. But what exactly makes Express Water […]

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Fun Ways to Make a Little Extra Cash

If you didn’t see this collapse of all things coming, then you are not alone! There are many families out there hurting emotionally, financially, and some physically right now, and during this season of high prices and hard-to-find jobs that work for you (so I’m hearing), I wanted to provide a little gift of hope. […]