10 Beach Towns To Ride Your Fat Tire Bike This Summer

Is there any better way to spend time on a warm, sunny day than riding your bike along the coast? If you are fortunate enough to live near a beach, that may be a frequent pastime for you, but for others, finding the right town to visit where you can enjoy your electric beach cruiser may take a bit more planning. Not sure which beach town to visit with your bike? Here are ten favorites around the country that you should put on your radar.

  1. Palm Beach, Florida

Not only does Palm Beach have plenty of paved paths and gorgeous sandy beaches, but it also has what is known as “The Trail of Conspicuous Consumption,” a nine-mile trail past some of the area’s biggest mansions.

  1. Corpus Christi, Texas

This beach town is found on the Gulf of Mexico coast, and it has beautiful water views from its 11-mile Shoreland Boulevard bike lane in addition to plenty of shops with cruisers and fat tire bikes for sale and a city-wide strategic plan to dedicated to making the roads safer for cyclists.

  1. Long Beach, California

You would find it challenging to find a beach town in sunny Cali that is not bike-friendly, but Long Beach is a stand-out, thanks to it Shoreline Pedestrian Bike Path, with four-and-a-half miles of prime beachfront riding and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

  1. Venice, Florida

Let’s head back to the Sunshine State to visit this lovely town on the Gulf Coast. Venice offers cyclists 20 miles of connected, easy-to-ride bike paths across the waterways and eventually all the way to Sarasota when it is completed.

  1. Hilton Head, South Carolina

This island town may be best known for golf and tennis, but the 12 miles of hard-packed sand make it ideal for beach cruisers to ride off into the sunset. Apart from the beach, the town also has multi-use pathways all over the island.

  1. Huntington Beach, California

Another favorite with cyclists is this 20-mile strip of coastline in So Cal. With its paved bike paths clinging to the coast, it may need to change its nickname from “Surf City” to something more cycling-related.

  1. Outer Banks, North Carolina

Hop along this glorious island-dotted stretch of coastline, as it has over 105 miles of bike trails with flat terrain that may have you debating ebike fat tire vs regular tire to do it all in one trip.

  1. Salisbury/Newburyport, Massachusetts

New England beach towns may have a more classic feel, but with 13 miles of trails crossing the Merrimac River and skirting the coast, this stretch is a hit with cyclists of any skill level.

  1. Bellingham, Washington

The views of the Pacific and proximity to Canada are just two big draws for this idyllic seaside town. For cyclists, however, the bike friendliness of this small city is what makes it a perfect destination.

  1. Kailua, Hawaii

No beach town list would be complete without mentioning at least one in the Aloha State. This town on the island of Oahu features miles and miles of unparalleled beach access and ocean views that must be seen to be believed.

There you have it: ten beach towns to add to your biking bucket list. Make plans now to get away this summer for a cycling adventure to remember.


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