10 Books to Read During Summer Break for Homeschoolers

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10 Books to Read During Summer Break for Homeschoolers

Finding new summer break books to read for homeschoolers doesn’t have to be a headache. I decided to share a list of 10 books to read this summer for your kids ranging from first grade up to the senior year in high school. Number one book is for Grade 1, and the age ranges or grade ranges go up from there.

Below you’ll find my favorite recommendations for summer break reading for kids to continue learning during their break. Whether you homeschool year-round, like us, or break for summer we hope that these books inspire you to help encourage your kids to read more during the summer months.

  1. My Toothbrush Is Missing LINK
  2. Don’t Worry, Bee Happy: An Acorn Book LINK
  3. Arlo & Pips: King of the Birds LINK
  4. Willa the Wisp LINK
  5. Cat Ninja (Volume 1) LINK 
  6. Pie in the Sky LINK 
  7. Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret LINK 
  8. Brave LINK
  9. Treasure of the World LINK 
  10. Code Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two LINK 



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