10 Reasons History is Awesome and History Buff Gifts

Let’s face it, history is awesome! If not for the real history of our lives then we wouldn’t know how to learn from our past. Sadly, many people want us to rewrite history and pretend that certain things didn’t happen or that certain things happened differently.

For example, there’s a significant push to get rid of our constitution and that’s just not something I’m OK with. America is the best country in the world for freedom, or so it is supposed to be.

As we face many people trying to distort history and getting offended, rather than learning, from our past, I want to place an emphasis on why history is awesome! I loved watching the History channel when we had cable over the years. I’m addicted to historical artifacts and truths.

I love that we can revisit a story from the past to find some similarities in today’s time. I feel that we are repeating some of our historical mistakes because, well, the generation of adults who lived through these mistakes are now between 80-100 years old and passing away, sadly.

Once that generation of adults that are between 80-100 or perhaps even 70-100 is resting in peace, there will no longer be wise elders here to guide us.

We need to listen to the wisdom of our elders for that’s how we learn that history is awesome. It’s how we learn to watch for the signs of trouble, and how we learn to take our American Freedom seriously!


10 Reasons History is Awesome

  1. Shaped America into what it is today.
  2. History tells us who we are.
  3. We learn and have adapted to changes.
  4. It makes us aware of people and the journeys they have gone through.
  5. We learn about great leaders.
  6. Able to learn and not make the same mistakes of the past.
  7. You are able to learn about other cultures.
  8. Become more knowledgeable.
  9. Dynamic and ever-changing.
  10. Can follow in the footsteps of your favorite figures.

We’re able to learn so much from our history. As homeschooling parents, we are very adamant about having our sons learn history as much as they learn math, science, and language arts.

We feel that history is just as important as the other parts of education. I understand some people don’t like our history.

They opt to focus on the bad that happened, however, I believe we cannot change for the better without first understanding our past.

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When we revisit history and learn more about our past, we’re able to evaluate how culture has changed, what words have changed meaning over the years, and how people have adapted to current times.

I fear that technology, aka the internet, has provided us with the means to access more information but sadly, it’s caused many people to become close-minded. Human beings will naturally believe the narrative that fits with their beliefs and that’s not how real history works.

Real history is about taking in the bad with the good, evaluating what could have been done differently or what should be done the same, all the while learning to protect our constitution. Our Forefathers USA knew a thing or two.

They had experiences beyond anything that you or I have encountered in our lifetime. This is why I hold their wisdom to a high level. They could foresee the possibility of bad times coming, what happens when a tyrant tries to take our freedom, and so on because they lived it.


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History is a great way to learn about our past. Let’s face it, if you believe as I do that history repeats itself, then it’s surely worth a look into learning more about our past and seeing what has happened. This, perhaps, will help us deter from repeating our own human history.

What is the importance of history?

True history helps people learn from the mistakes made by others before them. A solid education in history can help teach younger generations what their ancestors did that was good and bad so that this new generation doesn't repeat the mistakes of yesterday.

How does history affect us today?

History helps us understand choices that were made for the better of our country. Each of our prior historical events had good and bad outcomes, thus you're able to learn from the wisdom of our forefathers when you learn that history affects us today in a good way.

Is knowledge of the past useful for us today?

Yes, absolutely yes! Knowledge of the past is useful for us today. Our past helps us learn to not repeat the mistakes that brought disaster while repeating practices and bettering them for our current times so the country can be complete, whole, and free to be what America was built to be.


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