10 Reasons Being in Love is Great

Dating can be a lot of fun! Getting to meet new people, going out to new places,  doing new things and more. The stress of figuring out if you are on the same page, what to wear, meeting the parents, that can all be pretty stressful. Once you fall in love you get settled into the relationship a bit more, you both are on the same page, and life can be more relaxed and your not afraid to be yourself. Being in love goes deeper than that initial feeling that you get when you first meet someone, it is a commitment of two people who have the same goal in the long haul and can remember that goal even during the hard times.

10 Reasons Being in Love is Great

10 Reasons Being in Love Is Great

1. That lovey-dovey feeling.
2. The sense of security and feeling loved.
3. Cuddles.
4. Someone gets you.
5. You learn to compromise and grow.
6. You learn about yourself.
7. Happiness.
8. Love makes you believe.
9. Love helps you become selfless.
10. Inspired.

What I Love About Love Most

There are a lot of difficulties when living with another human being. Time can pass you both by as you fall into the daily routines and habits. There are certainly more challenges in a long-term relationship than I ever imagined, but the beauty of this is that you both can opt to grow, learn and be better every day. Continuously talking about goals, dreams, and aspirations that you have as individuals and a team will help ignite that connection and deep bond you had in the beginning. What I love about love most is that it has helped me to open my mind, grow and continue to be better at communication. I have learned that love is the little things, not the bigger things. I have learned that love takes new roles as you grow older and maintaining the relationship longer.

What I love about love most is that it can grow, if you water it enough.


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