A song can come on the radio and instantly bring a smile to your face or even a few tears. No matter your age, gender, religion, music has a way of changing our lives all the same. Whether you love jazz, opera, country, contemporary or any other genre, I am sure you can agree to these reasons why you love your music.

10 Reasons I Love Music

10 Reasons I Love Music

  1. Helps express my feelings.
  2. Motivates me.
  3. Great at reminding me of old memories.
  4. Music is timeless.
  5. Makes me feel like I fit in.
  6. It’s always so fun to dance and let loose.
  7. De-stresses you from a long day.
  8. Can change your mood instantly.
  9. Shares a story.
  10. Can bring people together.

Music Changes You

There’s something about music and it’s ability to change you. When you’re having a bad day, when your mind won’t focus, when life simply seems all too much, music is there for you. When I had a radio that worked in my vehicle, you would find that I used music to transition from work to mom life and vice versa. Music has a way to help me transition my brain from one duty to another duty in life. For a mom like me who works from home and has three children, this transitional music is vitally important. I have learned that music can fully transform my mind to where it needs to be.

When I am feeling sad, I admit, I will put a country tune on. The older country songs such as “Don’t take the Girl” by Time McGraw will bring tears every time. This release of tears helps me to feel better, believe it or not.

I firmly believe that if you give music a chance, you will soon find that it can help you in your life so much more than you realize. If you are looking to be happier, develop positive thinking skills or simply transition from work mode to family mode; give music a try. I truly feel you won’t be disappointed.

Do you love music? How has music impacted your life?


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