10 Reasons I Love Pugs

10 Reasons I Love Pugs

What isn’t to love about an adorable Pug? The endless cuddles and rolls, unconditional love, and the list goes on. I am going to share 10 simple reasons why I love Pugs, and probably why you should too! If you are considering getting one, I say go for it! They are truly one awesome breed and you will find a companion that will never leave your side!

10 Reasons I Love Pugs

10 Reasons I Love Pugs

  1. Button Nose.
  2. Endless Cuddles.
  3. They lay on your feet and keep them nice and toasty.
  4. Variety of colors.
  5. A good guard dog for your home.
  6. Good with children.
  7. Loyal
  8. Relaxed and Loving.
  9. They don’t need haircuts.
  10. Playful

10 Reasons I Love Pugs

Jenny The Pug

We adopted Jenny the pug from a family on Craigslist, gosh about 6 or 7 years ago. I do believe she was either 4 or 5 when we adopted her for a whopping $50. I remember looking for a pug, I wanted one that wasn’t overweight. That proved to be difficult as it seems most older pugs are overweight. I finally happened upon Jenny the pug’s listing in NH Craigslist and I fell in love.

We met up at the Tilton Outlets and Jenny took to me immediately. I brought her home that day with her supplies. When we got home, I noticed she was covered in ticks. We had to remove I think up to 10 ticks from her body, I was so scared that she was going to be sick. It all worked out, I remember she had to have her head shaved from the prior owners putting too much of a tick repellent on her skin. She had an allergic reaction but quickly mended with the proper vet care.

To date, Jenny the pug has been a fun, entertaining part of our family. We often call her the Diva Pug, because she truly is a Diva. Just the other day my teenager was clipping Jenny’s toenails and as soon as she was done, Jenny ran away as fast as she could. Jenny continued to sit, snorting and glaring at my teenager with that look of “I am not happy with you and do not dare touch me again!” It was rather hilarious.

I don’t regret adopting our little AKC registered Pug, Jenny is a great addition to our family and has proven to be quite therapeutic for all of the kids when they’ve had a rough day.

What breed of dog is your favorite?



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  1. I know of a ciuple of people that have had or currently have Pugs that love the breed. I prefer a larger dog, one of the breeds I like the most is the Lab.

  2. I do think Pugs are charming with those little squished faces! I have a big crazy husky though and for her a Pug is snack sized. 😉

  3. We had two pugs, and they were the perfect addition to our family. So loving and so easy to care for. I miss having a pup, but Santa keeps denying my request.

  4. My sister has one and her and the kids love Lucy,(Pug) she is so sweet and loving. When I first saw her I actually thought she was a mean dog by the looks she gave me…lol But, no way, she is so sweet and gentle with the kids. My favorite breed is Rottweilers!

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