10 Reasons You Aren’t Ready for Marriage

It is such a dream to fall in love, get engaged, set the “big date” and start planning your dream wedding. From picking colors, cake, and more. Marriage is the biggest commitment you will make in life. It is normal to feel a little anxious if you are going to be tieing the knot. But if you are really struggling with anxiety over getting married, you might not be ready. Here are 10 reasons you aren’t ready for marriage.

10 Reasons You Aren't Ready for Marriage

10 Reasons You Aren’t Ready for Marriage

  1. Dreading your wedding day.
  2. You are keeping secrets from your partner.
  3. Your morals and beliefs are not the same.
  4. Your uncomfortable being open and honest.
  5. You have a wandering eye.
  6. You don’t fight in a healthy manner.
  7. Your getting married to please someone else or guilt.
  8. You are wanting an open marriage.
  9. Dreaming of changing your partner as you are not happy with who they are.
  10. Can’t agree on big items like where you will live, kids, etc.

Know When You’re Ready

Marriage can be such a beautiful moment between you and that special someone. Loving someone and being married til death do you part is an amazing feat. No two people can get along all of the time, it’s best to know the signs that you’re not ready yet before jumping into that legal and Faithful commitment to each other for the long haul. It’s okay to not be ready for marriage, that doesn’t mean you aren’t ready to be committed in the relationship, it just means you all are not quite ready for that next, big step – marriage.



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