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10 Secrets to Determine your Signature Style

10 Secrets to Determine your Signature Style

If you are wondering how to create your own fashion statement or signature style, then you would find this blog definitely useful. It is common for all us to admire the personalities and looks of celebrities. It is easy to recognize a person who always appears with impressive outfits. Do you want to look unique and fashionable? There is no secret to accomplish a unique personal style. One of the important keys is to organize a closet of garments that compliment you. You should be able to wear them in a comfortable and satisfied manner. Avoid wearing garments with flattering shapes and colors or fancy in appearance. Do not hesitate to choose garments that suit you and most importantly, it should fit you perfectly. 

Here are the top secrets to creating the signature look that gives you the confidence to tackle anything.  

1. Select A Color

When it comes to creating a good personal style, you should first find shades that suit your complexion. Some individuals will have warm color (tan easily, soft brown or dark blond hair). They can select colors with yellow undertones like red, tan, green or brown as these shades suit them well. If the person has cool coloring (pale or olive complexion, dark eyes, white/grey or dark hair), then they can garments that have a blue undertone. It will definitely look great for them. After finding the color that is best for your skin and hair color, you can change your wardrobe with appropriate color clothing whenever you feel like. 

2. Note Down Your Favorite Items

Take a look at your wardrobe and write down your favorite clothes in your wardrobe. If you do not have many clothes, you can just mention the items you love. When you know the list of items you are happy with or your personal style, it is easy to find the items you like most. You should not choose the item just because of its looks but it should have been worn multiple times. Such items are the best things in your wardrobe. It is best to purchase similar items in the future. 

3. Try New Things

There is a lot of difference between getting stuck in a rut and signature style. If you are a person who purchases everything in the same color like black or blue or always buy the same style of jeans, you should try different shapes, textures, and colors. You can apply the same concept for your jewelry. If you have been wearing delicate jewelry, you can try several other pieces or select a piece that makes a statement. The style keeps changing. When you try new things, you end up amazing yourself. 

4. Highlight Your Best Assets

No matter you like to try fresh, fashionable clothes or focus on classic pieces, your wardrobe should contain only the best assets. Apart from the trends, when you are not comfortable with the latest clothing style, you should not push yourself and wear it. You can also give yourself a Boudoir Photography Shoot gift or a get a wardrobe makeover. It is recommended to try new silhouettes since they become the flattering thing later in your closet. Remember, be true to yourself.

5. Invest In A Limited Statement Piece

If you are having certain good wardrobe shapes, then try to restyle in numerous ways. Enhance your look and redefine your signature style. It is best to invest in certain versatile things such as leather boots, tailored blazer, and pieces of lovely designer jewelry which are timelessly stylish. These items can easily uplift your entire appearance no matter if you are wearing them on an old T-Shirt or in a rocking cocktail dress. 

6. Follow Fashion Bloggers

With social media, you can easily follow several style icons online. There are several fashion bloggers and they are influential as celebs. The best part is they are more applicable.  No matter your budget, style, size or shape, any person can determine the style of an Instagrammer they love to emulate. 

7.Identity Your Celebrity Style Crush

Be it you are admiring timelessly stylish Jennifer Anniston or Rihanna’s envelope insistent ensembles, the celebs you follow offer tons of fashion ideas suitable for your own style. Do not worry about your budget. It is also possible to purchase trendy clothes with a limited budget. Test your shopping skills by finding the copied version of clothes your celebs wear. Make your own look by incorporating a personal twist. 

8. Determine A Calling Card

When you want to create a signature style, you should have a calling card. It means your signature look. It can be your colorful scarves or aviator sunglasses. Think of something which you like to be related to or remembered. 

9. Do Not Focus Too Much On Trend

Avoid too much attention to trends. The designers may say large florals are the trend for spring, but always give importance to your preference as well. It may not look good to you. Some would have not even tried floral designs before. It has chances to make you appear wally. If you wish to trial, you can try by purchasing one or two dresses. 

10. Accessorize Sparingly

When it comes to dressing, less is habitually more. You can easily make a wonderful look by wearing a simple outfit along with high quality and strong accessories you use regularly. It can also be a modest leather briefcase or trendy pair of sunglasses. Such accessories help in adding a depth that proves imagination and your obligation of subtle statements. 

What’s more?  Make use of this guide to determine your unique and best signature style. It is okay to try new things which you know is not your usual style. By identifying your signature style, you can easily organize and wear outfits that are suitable for you easily. Ask yourself how you want the world to view you before getting dressed. Dress well every day by wearing clothes that express your mood and creativity. This way, every day will be a special occasion for you. 


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