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10 Success Tips for Every Startup in Perth

With a strong tourism industry, impressive beaches, and fascinating travel experiences, Perth is an incredible place to live. The mining boom has also made it a global center for minerals and energy. For entrepreneurs, this means a good chance for business success. In short, Perth is one of the best cities to do business in Australia.

However, business success doesn’t come only by location and chance; there are critical and conscious steps to take geared towards growth. Of course, the favorable environment encourages many other entrepreneurs to start their own companies, leading to stiffer competition. That means you have to be on your feet to stay on top of your game.

While mistakes are an avenue to learn, you want to avoid making certain mistakes that will slow down your growth as a startup. Being in the know will help you take proactive steps to avoid such pitfalls, thereby positioning your business for rapid growth.

This article highlights 10 tips for startup success according to thriving business owners.

1.         Never neglect outstanding customer experience

Customers are the backbone of any business. They can break or break you. In simple terms, they can generate revenue for you when they come, but when they start saying negative things about your product/service, you lose even future customers.

While keeping customers satisfied, engage them through customer relationship management software to deliver a personalized customer experience. Such tools maintain unique details of each customer so you can make structured decisions and offers that will resonate with the clients.

Alex Berman, the founder of lead-generation firm Email10k.com, attributes his success to personalized customer experience. He also recommends seeking feedback from customers.

2.         Have a strategic business plan

While you may know what a business plan is, you may ditch it because you feel your small startup doesn’t need something so formal. A small business plan is pivotal to your success as it compels you to be subconsciously specific about your goals and strategically pursue them.

A business plan is like a road map to your company goals and the steps required to get there. It helps you stay focused, avoiding unnecessary distractions and diversions. So at each stage, you know what to do to operate, fund, and sustain your startup.

3.         Let your passion sustain you

According to Jay Arcata, a partner at BX3, “Building a business in an area that you are passionate about will likely lead to greater success.”

You probably started your company because of your passion for that product or service. But you’ll find out that running a business is hard work, and you may be compelled to give it all up. At that point, it’s your passion and love for what you’re doing that will keep you going.

So you want to ensure you start a business not just for the sake of the earning or status but for the love of the everyday action: offering that particular product or service.

4.         Hire the right team

Having the right and diverse team is essential to business success. Employees who only work to earn may not give their best to your company unless they’re passionate about the job and talented.

Furthermore, you want to avoid hiring a less qualified candidate or one specialized in a field other than the desired certification because of haste or a tight budget.

Whether you’re working with freelancers or in-house employees, look towards those who understand your company culture and contribute positively.

If hiring takes up your precious time, consider leveraging a recruitment agency. Every cost that goes into this will likely prove a wise investment.

5.         Market online and offline

Digital marketing is the standard for building brand awareness. Have a well-designed and optimized website, publish blog content and social media posts relevant to your target audience.

Additionally, use bills, business cards, and catchy storefront signage to create awareness offline.

6.         Be mindful of expenses and revenue

At your startup phase in Perth, it’s easy to get carried away as you try to acquire as much as you need. You want to ensure you channel every dollar you acquire rightly, have a proper record of every expense, and how your inflow compares to your outflow.

Knowing the high cost of living in this city, it’s worth having a professional Bookkeeper Perth working by your side. Make things easier by hiring an agency to help you source the best local talent and handle the recruitment on your behalf.

7.         Solve a real problem

This is arguably the most important success tip you’d ever need for your startup. While you may be quick to start a company, what do you offer your target audience? Are you solving a real problem to make their lives better or more comfortable? If not, you will struggle to win any customer as your marketing will keep falling out the window.

Don’t just be about designing a product that is creative and imaginative; let it solve a real problem (need) and be able to adapt to the changing times.

 Consequently, all you need is to create awareness that your business exists, and customers will start walking through your door or visiting your website.

8.         Let your passion flow through the company

It would be challenging to succeed alone as an entrepreneur if your workforce does not have the same drive as you. And you can impact that drive by the way you lead.

Set the pace for the rest of the company through your work ethic, passion, and attitude towards the job.

9.         Have a support system through community

Community involvement is a quick way to increase brand awareness, build a network amongst other entrepreneurs, and grow your business. The connections you build through community can position you for more traffic.

Additionally, you get to learn from the mistakes of other business owners so you never get to thread that same path.

As Jake Jorgovan, founder of Lead Cookie rightly said, “Always keep like-minded people close to you,”

10. Protect yourself with a business entity

Whether it’s by incorporating your business as an LLC, having paperwork during the early days of your business protects it from potential ruin. Running your startup without a business entity can put your business assets at risk.

Wrapping up

Success rarely comes by accident. It is the steps you take that position you for growth.

If you can practice these success tips and make them part of your company culture, your business is very likely to excel amid the competition.


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