11 Most Returned Christmas Gifts

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In this hyper-consumerist world, it’s easy to get carried away with the celebrations of Christmas and end up buying things we don’t need and regretting it soon after. The economy of our country is not in its best shape and all money spent on gifts that are returned amounts to a huge loss for the retailers.

Ecommerce portals are swarming with customers returning gifts around this time. It’s an inconvenience for the buyers who have to wait in long queues and follow return procedures, and it is also a huge loss for the portal since these items are not sold after being returned.

To prevent situations like these, portals offer Christmas sale discounts on products so that people buy things they need, and if they end up returning them, they will still save some money.

Below you’ll find the top 11 most returned Christmas gifts. It never fails, these 11 items are more often than not, returned after you gift them to the recipient.

Teddy Bears

Which child can resist hugging a teddy bear? But as cute as these furry creatures may be, they do not make an ideal gift for children around this time. They may seem cheap to you, but they are often expensive for children, and if the child already has a few of these stuffed animals at home, there’s no reason to buy them again.

Cell Phones

Gifting a cell phone is an extremely common practice during Christmas. We all remember how our parents used to present us with a surprise gift on Christmas morning, and it always took the form of a cell phone. But there are many people who do not need extra phones at home, so they return these unneeded items.


Ah! What better way to spice up your sex life than by gifting your partner some new lingerie? You may think that it’s a great idea, but think again! This is one of the most commonly returned items during Christmas.

Jewelry Sets

There’s something so beautiful and alluring about a bunch of assorted jewelry that comes together in a set. And it definitely seems like an extraordinary gift to give someone around this time, but you need to know that this is one of the most commonly returned Christmas gifts.

Ties and Socks

This may sound a little surprising, but it’s true! A lot of people give ties or socks as Christmas gifts because they think that men need more ties and socks in their wardrobe. But these are some of the most commonly returned items during this time, simply because a lot of men already have them, and if not, they don’t need more!

Books and DVDs

This may seem a little surprising, but it’s true! Even though you have searched for the best deals online to save money on books and DVDs, they are often high in demand around this time. People buy them as gifts, only to return them later because they already had one or didn’t need another one.

Electronic Toys and Gadgets

Christmas is the best time of the year to buy electronic gadgets, especially for children. But it’s still a bad idea to gift them electronic toys and gadgets on Christmas because they will likely be returned after the holiday season is over.


A watch seems like such an ideal gift item for someone of any age, but not if it’s a Christmas gift. The item is often expensive and the recipient just does not need it at all. So unless you want to waste your money, don’t get them watches on Christmas.

Sporting Equipment

As much as we love our sports, giving someone new sporting equipment for this festive season is just not a good idea. If the person is passionate about sports, he or she probably already has their own set of equipment to use. And if they don’t, you’re wasting your money!

Sports Fan Memorabilia

People who are avid fans of sports teams often love to collect everything related to their favorite team. So buying them some memorabilia from their favorite team for Christmas sounds like a great idea, right? Wrong! In fact, this is one of the most commonly returned items during the holiday season.


Yes, electronics are expensive and they may seem like a good gift to give someone around Christmas. But it’s just not practical or affordable to get them new electronics, especially when they already have one that’s working just fine.

In conclusion, now you know which items are the most commonly returned Christmas gifts which means you can avoid gifting any of these items in the future.

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