18 Live Trees and Plants for Christmas Decor

Are you looking for some live trees and plants for Christmas decor? If so, I have an extensive list of only the best live plants and tree ideas to get your home feeling joyous and festive this holiday season!

Check out my list of affiliate links below for live trees and plants for Christmas decor. I hope that you see something that will make you feel holiday cheer this year!

These live plant gifts are an excellent gift idea all year round. Give the gift of life, a plant.

What are the benefits of having indoor plants?

There are many reasons to give the gift of indoor plants. The benefits of having indoor plants extends beyond just decor, here are some of the benefits of having indoor plants:

  • Live indoor plants help with breathing.
  • Live indoor plants deter illness.
  • Live indoor plants help with mental health.
  • Live indoor plants clean the air naturally.
  • Live indoor plants help you work better.

Having a home office for your work at home adventures that include indoor plants is an excellent way to boost your productivity and your mood.


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  1. All these are such a wonderful options. I’m into real trees but this year we are thinking about artificial. I will look some of your suggestions.

  2. These are pretty options for live Christmas trees! However, we cannot have live trees because of my husband’s allergies. I miss the scent of a real Christmas tree though. I’d still want to have that Christmas bough and a few poinsettias. They are so lovely!

  3. That little Charlie Brown tree is so cute! These are great ideas and it is nice to have some live plants as opposed to just cut trees.

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