As the summer season winds down here in NH, I wanted to note that there are still plenty of backyard BBQ days left of the season. So before you venture indoors away from the cold winter weather use my tips and ideas below to decorate the backyard for a handful of backyard gatherings this summer and fall!

Think about the mood you want to create

Do you want your guests to feel cozy and relaxed or sleek and chic? The choice is up to you!

Pick the right centerpiece

If you are going for a more formal setting, use a beautiful table. If you would like an informal setting, think about using a piece of furniture that is multi-functional.

A table with either side open can be used to hold your plates and utensils while also giving the illusion of creating more space. A coffee table or side tables are perfect for this look!

Pick the right lighting

Lanterns and string lights are beautiful for evening gatherings but are also practical as they provide the added bonus of lighting for when the sun goes down.

Be sure to stay away from harsh lighting such as overhead lamps and instead use hanging lights, lanterns, or string lights.

Pick a color palette

Colors evoke feelings and moods so pick two that complement each other and create a great ambiance.

How do I beautify my backyard?

There are many things you can do without having to spend a lot of money.

Use different textures

Using different textures is a wonderful way to liven up your backyard space. Use brightly colored throw pillows, rugs, and flowers for added style and color.

Add plants and trees

Adding outdoor plants or an indoor palm tree will instantly liven up your space. Use an artistic approach and plant certain types of flowers or plants together to create color block patterns.

Be sure to include both outdoor and indoor plants for added dimension.

What are some other ideas?

Bistro sets, string lights, outdoor rugs, potted plants are just some of the great decor ideas that will not only provide comfort but style to your backyard.

Enhancing a barbecue area

If you have an outdoor grill, adding color and style is easy on the eye! Add outdoor rugs and string lights to create a cozy ambiance. Use table cloths to add color and flare. If you are grilling inside then use fun platters, outdoor candles and colorful glassware.

Adding color & flair to a fireplace area

If you have an indoor or outdoor fireplace then adding bistro sets, string lights, outdoor rugs, and potted plants is always a great idea! Outdoor fireplaces can be used for both evening gatherings and cozy winter nights; using different textures will liven up one of these Sunnydaze Outdoor Fire Pits.

What if I don’t have a backyard?

Designing with windows and doors in mind is always helpful when you are trying to beautify an area without actually having much space. Instead of placing flowers on the deck, place them by the front door or around the window sill. If you don’t have a fireplace you can still enjoy them by buying an indoor or outdoor fireplace.

Remember to always accessorize

When you are designing your backyard, remember that decorating is not just about the centerpiece. Accessorizing is what makes everything come together so be sure to have fun with it! Use different textures and colors in interesting ways for a beautiful masterpiece.

I hope you’ve found some helpful backyard decorating ideas! If you are looking for more outdoor inspiration, check out my items below for 20 backyard decor pieces that will liven up that outdoor space in no time!

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