20 Recipes Kids Should Know & Portion Control Tips for Kids

Brandy Ellen Writes shares some portion control tips for kids while giving parents a cookbook option for 20 Recipes Kids Should Know.

As I venture out of winter hibernation, I realize that I put on 20lbs this winter and my kids put some weight on. We’re not known for being very active in the winter season. Sure, when the kids were younger I would tolerate the cold weather in a backyard where we could slide and make a snowman, but these days we’re not getting into those activities like we used to.

With that being said, I’ve come to find a new book idea that I’m using as part of my homeschool curriculum with my 10 and 12-year-old sons. These boys used to cook and bake with me, but as they got older the interest just subsided. I also didn’t encourage it, as it was simply easier for me to just cook or bake alone. Now that I’m working on creative ways to educate my boys at home, I decided that getting a recipe book like the one featured today was a brilliant way to incorporate math, science, reading and life skills into one.

20 Recipes Kids Should Know & Portion Control Tips for Kids

20 Recipes Kids Should Know

This book was written and illustrated by two kids for chefs. A 12 and 17-year-old sister pair decided to create their own masterpiece, and as a self-published author with my firstborn, I am excited to share something for kids by kids. This book, 20 Recipes Kids Should Know, dives into bread, pancakes, desserts, and so much more. My teen was even shocked to see some of the recipes in this book. I think every parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent needs to get this cookbook for kids!

As a mom with two boys who simply have no desire to be in the kitchen, I love that these 20 Recipes Kids Should Know has started to get us back in the kitchen cooking together. Not only is this a great addition to our homeschool studies, but it’s perfect for family bonding time. I also made pancakes with my niece, so it’s a winning book for anyone looking to bond with their kids or niece/nephew in the kitchen.

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About 20 Recipes Kids Should Know

Written and photographed by two young sisters, who I believe were 12 and 17 when they developed this recipe book for kids, 20 Recipes Kids Should Know sells for around $12 on Amazon. You’ll find recipes for everything that a kid should learn how to make. I mean it even has grilled cheese. This book helps encourage kids to be independent as they grow into preteen and teenagers who should be making simple meals on their own.

Not only is this book good to teach those life skills that our children should be learning, but it’s such a fun way to get messy in the kitchen. My niece dropped a FULL EGG on the floor. She totally missed the pan and I laughed so hard. My youngest son had flour everywhere, and we simply laughed while we enjoyed making our own banana bread.

Portion Control Tips for Kids

In addition to helping with life skills and providing something for quality family time, 20 Recipes Kids Should Know can help your kids learn portion control. Portion control for kids is so important. As I said, I gained 20lbs this winter which was due to lack of exercise combined with possibly eating more than I should have. When it comes to portion control for kids they’re going to learn by our example, whether that’s good or bad is up to us. Since portion control plates are an ideal option for kids who need to learn portion control, I thought it was the perfect time to showcase not only the 20 Recipes Kids Need to Know, but some portion control plates for kids so that your kids can whip up a delicious meal and know how much of that meal to eat on their own.

Portion Control Tips for Kids

  • Provide bite-size snack options. Consider using snack size baggies to portion out your kids’ snacks for the week.
  • Know portions yourself. A toddler portion should be about a quarter of a regular adult’s size portion.
  • It isn’t until the teen years that portion control for kids turns out to be closer to that of an adult portion size.
  • Opt for smaller orders, kids-size meals or splitting a meal when it comes to dining out with your kids at a restaurant.
  • Purchase portion control plates for kids. These will help your kids learn to control their portions on their own, thus helping them continue forward with good eating habits.
  • Switch to reduced fat or lower calorie options, just watch out for fake sugars and bad-for-you fat. Remember that some fats are actually good for your body.

Teaching portion control for kids may not be easy, after all, I have a 16, 12 and 10-year-old, I know how this goes. They think they know best and it isn’t until my firstborn turned about 14 before we really started digging into portion control because my teen was ready to focus on healthy eating habits.

When it comes to working on portion control for kids, I am highly recommending that you pick up this 20 Recipes Kids Need to Know recipe book and discuss portion sizes with your kids in a visual way while you enjoy baking and cooking up some delicious food together.

Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing the Ultimate Banana Bread recipe from this book soon. Please like Brandy Ellen Writes FB to keep up to date with my latest content and happenings.



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