A Little Back Story on RetweetChores.com

Our Personal Story on how RetweetChores.com was Created

September 2, 2016 I arrived back to our old home that had been foreclosed on and we had to clean out the place of our belongings and the prior owners belongings. While the prior owner left little behind one piece of item left there from them was this old upright piano. When attempting to move this upright piano from the bank owned property, my boyfriend got hurt. This upright piano had fallen on him and what we soon found out had broken his ankle and left a huge gouge in one of his shins. When I arrived at the home that September 2nd night, Mike was on the ground and our neighbor stood over him. This quite possibly was the scariest moment in my life as I walked upon the scene I saw blood on his shoes and his lower ankles were just covered in drips of blood. I still recall that scene to this day, my heart stops a beat for a moment when I think of my love on the ground, covered in blood. Shortly after arriving on the scene the EMT’s took Mike by ambulance to the hospital where we found out he had two broken ankles and of course a gouge in his shin that required 12 staples.

A love story turned business ... or so that's what initiated the creation of RetweetChores.com. Read the back story on RetweetChores today...

Our Love for Each Other Created RetweetChores …

This situation left us with many hospital visits and doctor’s appointments, even to this day. We are now over a month into this and we still have to see doctor’s to ensure he is healing properly and able to walk someday again. Both Mike and I are freelance workers, he provides web developmental services and I am a bit of a writer that provides ghostwriting services as well as owns my own blog. The injury left Mike in a lot of pain, unable to work and focus because the meds the doctor’s had and still have him on cause some serious side effects. The first portion of healing stages left Mike pretty much in pain constantly or moody from both the medication he originally was on for pain in addition to us not having the right concoction to curb that constant pain. Basically for the first month or longer, Mike really couldn’t accomplish much work. I was left carrying the torch for our family in what was supposed to be a positive new chapter in our lives – officially moving in together in a new rental home.

Our Personal Story on how RetweetChores.com was Created

Mike watched day in and day out as I slowly lost my mind. I was drowning in work, taking on more than I should all as a means to ensure our family could attempt to stay afloat. I was tired most days and drained to the point that I was snapping at the kids and at him. I was angry, bitter and sad that this accident happened to a man who had become a fantastic partner in life and love. I was frustrated that the meds made him become someone else. I was frustrated that he had to live with this pain of his ankles and leg. There wasn’t much left within me that was positive, other than the fact that I had to keep working to ensure we didn’t lose the rental home we just signed a lease for. Mike continued to watch me and he hated seeing this ruin who I am. He hated watching it ruin who he is, but the love we have for each other left him wondering what he could do to make my work life easier.

Researching Twitter API for RetweetChores.com

One night Mike asked me what was involved in the blogger chore threads I was doing, you see I had picked up about 7-9 chore thread clients where I would Retweet, Pin, Comment or otherwise complete social media tasks for client’s Monday – Friday on a regular basis. This particular chore wasn’t fun for me, I much prefer doing tasks that help me learn something new and engage my mind a bit more. Yet, this task had to be completed because it was an easy way for me to boost our monthly household income while Mike was down and out. Mike watched me complete a Twitter chore thread, which requires me to click a little retweet button and sometimes a second button that “likes” said tweet. He knew there had to be a way to work with API’s that would allow me to work smarter not harder.

Soon enough, Mike sat down and researched Twitter API’s and watched what tasks I had to do for clients in Twitter Chore Threads. He quickly built a system within probably 24 hours that functioned. It wasn’t pretty by any means, but the core functionality worked! I admit I was very reluctant to use RetweetChores.com the first time he showed it to me. I had to see it work a few times before I would hop on board to use it as a means to forget harder and work smarter. Finally after convincing me that this was a fabulous platform, of course he didn’t have to do much convincing once I started using it I was sold … we launched it in beta mode to a select number of bloggers and virtual assistants.

Our Personal Story on how RetweetChores.com was Created

RetweetChores.com Launches in Beta

On September 27, 2016 we launched RetweetChores.com, a platform that was created out of love by Mike to make my work life a bit easier. To date we have over 150 people using this platform and many have provided feedback beyond anything we ever could have anticipated. We often hear our members being thankful that RetweetChores.com has allowed them to do more Twitter Chore Threads, save more money and in turn have more time for family. That last statement is what melts my heart the most, because remember this system was created by Mike to ensure I had more time with the family and him. Because of the higher than normal work load I picked up, we couldn’t seem to find time to sit down on the couch to reconnect as we had done nearly every night for the duration of our relationship. To us, if this system that was created to help me have more time for the family is now helping others have more time for their family? It is just awesome!

If you haven’t signed up for RetweetChores.com and you are someone who completes Twitter Chore Threads on a regular basis, you won’t be disappointed with the amount of time spent for just a small monthly or annual subscription payment in PayPal. You will get your money back quickly, as that is what we hear from our current members all of the time.

A program designed out of love, is now a business that helps entrepreneurs work smarter not harder.

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  1. THIS touched my heart so much because you give me hope in the working together through tought times wrelm. IT’S very personal to me right now. But thanks for your story. I am not a tweeter but will pass this along!

  2. It sounds like a great way to save time and still get your job done. I love that it brought a ray of sunshine to a hard time.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s incredible how something good can come out of a bad circumstance. I’ll definitely need to look more into Retweetchores.com. =)

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