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VT Sleigh Ride Horse Drawn

We had a wonderful surprise date night the other evening. It was New Year’s Eve, and we wanted to send out our 2016 with a BANG. Sure we could have gone out on our regular kid-free weekend road trip to reconnect, have some fabulous conversations, laughter as we drove along the New England roads and then finished the evening by having a little dinner out. That’s our norm for kid-free weekends. Yet this particular night was a special eve, it was New Year’s Eve and we were about to bring in another year together. How could he make this night special for us in a unique way that was something different for us.

He Started Planing, in Secret

I was told to bring the coat, hat and maybe even our 10” tablet because we would most certainly want pictures and I may be cold. Confession: this had me nervous, I hate the cold. Winter in NH is not my favorite season at all and my heart was racing. Then he told me what we were going to do because time ran out, we had about half hour left and the location he had chosen was about an hour drive. I was reluctant, yet excited. I hate the cold, how could I enjoy such an event as a horse drawn sleigh ride?

VT Sleigh Ride Horse Drawn Brandy Ellen Blogs

I gave in and decided that this was something that was important to him. My man wanted to do something sweet, special and perhaps romantic. Who am I to be the negative Nancy about it, right?! I decided, as I usually do, to give in and see just how magical this type of event could be.  Mind you, I don’t mean give in as a negative, I mean that I usually have a way to turn my mind more open to try new things when it comes to this relationship. I had my coat and my hat, I was ready to be warm so why not. We hopped in the van and were ready to do our road trip, it was an event he wanted me to be happy about to so he didn’t want me doing this just because he felt it would be cool. I assured him, no it’s just me not liking the cold and being a pain about it, but it sounds magical. Let’s do it!

VT Sleigh Ride Horse Drawn Brandy Ellen Blogs Travel

I researched locations along the drive and we called to see if they were open, when the last sleigh ride would go out and what the cost was. Eventually we found one location in Vermont that offers horse drawn sleigh rides both privately and as a public event. The cost was only $20 per adult and they could squeeze us into the next sleigh ride around 4:30pm. We were about 50 minutes away and it was around 3:30pm. We let the people know we would attempt to make it, then we realized we had ample time. We headed to Taylor Farm in Londonderry, VT.

VT Sleigh Ride Horse Drawn

On the way my heart was racing, I admittedly was feeling a bit excited! I hadn’t been on a horse drawn sleigh ride and now that I think about it, he’s right – what a magical way to end 2016! When we arrived, we paid for our seats, took loads of photos and sat down with the other groups in the sleigh. There was a couple females across from us who we chatted with then another group of two couples with kids in the same sleigh with us.

What was even more awesome about this VT horse drawn sleigh ride is that we got to meet a couple who grew up together. This set of couples were men whose fathers were friends and now they remain friends and are raising their children as friends. They are “friend cousins” as the kids stated. I tell you what, this VT horse drawn sleigh ride was the perfect way to end our 2016 together and I am excited to ring in the New Year with the love of my life.

Travel: VT Sleigh Ride Horse Drawn Brandy Ellen Blogs

If you are someone who enjoys horse drawn sleigh rides or wishes to have this experience, I highly recommend Taylor Farm in Londonderry, VT. The price is reasonable and the event is magical, be prepared to stop part way through the loop where you will find warm apple cider, a campfire and marshmallows to roast.

Surely a romantic outing for couples and an adventure of a lifetime for families.

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  • January 2, 2017 at 8:26 am

    How fun that you got to stop half way through to roast marshmallows! I don’t like the cold either, but I’d totally do a sleigh ride. 🙂


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