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10 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Home #valentinesday #relationships

10 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Home #valentinesday #relationships

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, how will you celebrate the love you have for each other? This year we invite you to plan for a romantic date night at home, because after all we have our own busy schedules of raising kids and holding a career. There’s no reason to stress about the impending Valentine season, why not plan a romantic date night at home for you and your loved one? Use these 10 romantic date night ideas for home as a starting point and let your imagination flow from there …

10 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Home #valentinesday #relationships

10 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Home


  1. Dance Around the Home – plan a dance night for just the two of you, after you get the kids tucked in, turn on some music, set the candles and guide your lover to the “dance floor”.
  2. Triathlon of Games –perhaps you are gamers and enjoy a little competition. Consider planning a romantic night in with pizza and games you both enjoy.
  3. Chocolate Decadence – create a full course meal where chocolate is an ingredient in each of the items. What a fun way to enjoy sweets for your sweet.
  4. Camp Out – have a little living room camp out event. Complete this evening with s’mores made by microwave to give a full camping feel.
  5. DIY Photo Shoot – create various backgrounds and props using items found around your home. Have a fun photo shoot where you each are the star.
  6. Character Night – have fun dressing up as your favorite character in a movie and try guessing who each of you are. This will surely make for a night full of laughter.
  7. Write a Story – each of you take time to write a little story recreating the day you two met. Recite the story to each other over a candle lit dinner at home.
  8. Create a Newlywed Game – each of you come up with questions about yourself with the answers, have fun asking questions to see just how well you know each other.
  9. Finger Food Fiesta – enjoy a low key meal date night at home with finger foods only while you enjoy a movie favorite together.
  10. Karaoke Night – get ready to have a blast when you setup a place in the home to do a little karaoke night together.

10 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Home #valentinesday #relationships

The key to enjoying your relationship and keeping it going strong is to fall in love with your spouse over and over again. Each of these 10 romantic date night ideas for home should work as a means to reconnect, rejuvenate and perhaps ignite some sparks during this cold Winter season. Looking for some fun products to enjoy a date night in?

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