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Love … Changes your Perspective

Love … Changes your Perspective

There are many forms of love and yet it’s a language everyone around the world understands. You can love your children in one way, your spouse in another and your family members in a completely different way. It’s all the same thing though, love. Love is something that is deeply embedded within our souls, even those who say they don’t need it or can live without it, need to have some form of love in their life. Those who live their life saying being single is the way to go, often times will even get a pet because we also love our pets. Again, the love from and to our pets is completely different than the love we give our spouse, our children and our family members.

For the sake of today’s article I am going to discuss loving your spouse. You know, falling head over heels in love with another human being and knowing that this is for real. That loving feeling that you have finally met your match and life as you knew it no longer exists. Today I want to chat a bit about how love changes your perspective on everything.

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Once you fall in love, you go through this amazing honey moon phase. Many of us are addicted to the high you feel when you fall in love with someone and because of this high you feel, you will continuously fall out of love so to speak, break up and go look for another partner, just to feel that high that comes when you first meet someone, first kiss someone and first fall in love. What if I told you that you can stay with the same person, year in and year out, but still fall in love with them all over again more than once? Would you say that theory is for the birds or would you be open to hearing how you can fall in love and change your perspective on love as you know it?

Well, if you want to hear my thoughts, please read on. If you know someone who wants to hear this as well or should hear this, then do click the little share button on this post to share on social media. After all, we could each use a little more love in our life, even from a different perspective.

Brandy Ellen Blogs - Love ... Changes your Perspective

Falling in Love

When you fell in love with that special person who you thought to be your match something interesting happened. You are intrigued, enlightened and attracted to this person. Your little heart went bump, bump, bump and your body quivered at their slightest touch. As time went on, you had kids or perhaps you met after having kids with someone else. You started working on careers, moving in together and even quite possibly getting hitched. These are all things that happen during the building of a relationship. Most of us will discuss goals, dreams and aspirations with our true love and as you grow each day those ideas may fall to the way side or perhaps, you were one of those couples who always put the goals, dreams and aspirations to the forefront of your relationship.

Falling in Love Again

The key to falling in love with your true match over and over again is to keep those goals, dreams and aspirations to the front of your mind. Surely they may get put aside as life happens and it’s quite unpredictable in nature, but you must always come back to this discussion of where you both are at in goals, dreams and aspirations. The discussion of this topic helps to ignite the love you once felt, that love that left you with goosebumps and yearning for more. It’s funny how the simple act of having goals, dreams and aspirations can play a huge impact on whether your relationship survives or not.

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In addition to ensuring you never let go of those goals, dreams and aspirations as both a couple and individual, you must learn to recreate memories. Those magical moments when you first fell in love, those moments when nothing else around you existed. Surely things have happened to cause a little damage within the relationship, but that’s to be expected. Today, I invite you to look at your partner and remember the vow you made to love them through the good times; bad times and essentially til death do you part. Did you mean those vows on that very day? Were they just something you said because society told you that these vows are just simply what you do?

You Meant Those Vows

I am going to go out on a limb and say that you meant those vows when you made them, but as time has gone on you both have disappointed each other, dealt with high stress scenarios or a medical event happened which caused strain on the relationship. The whole purpose to love another human being is to accept who they are, love them for what they are as an individual and have the desire to be a better person simply by being around this true love. If you once felt as if this is what you had in the relationship but it’s no longer there, then step up. Be the first person to show love in the way you did back in the beginning, let go of all those stubborn feelings and show your love as you did that first day you met and were trying to catch this true love.

Changing Your Perspective

When you take a moment to change your perspective on love, to realize that you have worked to build a bond for a reason and that you made those vows for a reason, your whole relationship will change. The relationship will stay strong and bounce back from any challenging scenario so as long as one or both of you can be stronger than your current situation. If one of you can rise above the bad times and show your love as you did before, unconditionally, without limits and in a way that made your partner feel as if they were your world, then only then, will your relationship be ignited once more into a long lasting, healthy one.

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How to Fall in Love Again

  • Recreate a magical moment – perhaps the first kiss or first dinner date.
  • Tell your partner how you feel – use non-attacking words to share your feelings.
  • Make date night a priority – get back those date nights, you will forever need them.
  • Be selfless – think of what your partner is going thru and rise above to be their strength.

If you follow those four simple tips above on how to fall in love again, then you will be moving forward in a positive direction, goosebumps and body quivers included.


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