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Your Dog Deserves To Enjoy Time Away Too! Dog Friendly Holidays No Owner Can Refuse

Your Dog Deserves To Enjoy Time Away Too! Dog Friendly Holidays No Owner Can Refuse

If your dog is a big part of your family, you might want to take them on holiday with you! It makes sense. No holiday would be complete without your much-loved pup there. Even so, some holidays aren’t pooch friendly. We’re going to take a look at some vacations for dog lovers. Whether you’ve got a pug or an alsatian, these ideas are sure to go down a treat. Go on, don’t leave anyone behind next time you go away!

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If you have a beach loving dog, a beach holiday would be perfect. Learn more about what you need to take, and head off. Check, first, whether the beach allows dogs! Getting there and finding they don’t could cause major problems. Many beaches don’t allow dogs during busy periods, though most offer a dog-friendly section. Make sure there’s somewhere you can head with your four legged friend! Even if you spend the whole vacation on the dog’s beach, so be it! If anything, this would be best for your pup. They’ll get the chance to meet other dogs during their stay! Interaction is always good for friendly dogs, and they’re sure to have fun. Consider, too, whether your dog is okay off the lead, or whether you would need to keep them beside you. If that’s the case, make sure you let them stretch their legs at regular intervals!

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For obvious reasons, walking holidays are another excellent choice for dog lovers. If you have a dog who needs a lot of walking, this could be the perfect way to wear them out! Walking can be therapeutic, and walking with a dog even more so. If you’re looking for a holiday to escape stress, this is the one you need. Consider which areas offer the best walking opportunities. Doing a little research will show you that there are many places to choose from. Remember that a vacation is a perfect chance to see something new. Opt for a walking holiday that will take you to places you would never usually come across! If you live in a city, most walking holidays will take you out of your real life. If you already live in the country, you might have to look a bit harder. Hiking holidays in rocky areas can be breathtaking. Make sure they’re walks your dog could manage, though!

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Camping holidays are another fantastic doggy option. Again, ensure the campsite of your choice allows dogs. Otherwise, you could be in for an interesting time! We all know that dogs aren’t easy things to hide! If you find a campsite that does allow dogs, jump at the chance to go! This option is fantastic because it deals with the issue of accommodation as well. For some reason, most hotels frown on dogs! With camping, your dog can sleep right in your tent with you. If it’s a romantic weekend you’re after, think again. The bundle of fluff sleeping between you could ruin the mood!


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