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Give Your Child The Bedroom Of Their Dreams With These Decorative Inspos

Give Your Child The Bedroom Of Their Dreams With These Decorative Inspos

Knowing how to decorate your child’s room to suit their age can be a tricky one. There tends to be that difficult stage when they are too big for a cot, but they also want a fun, age-appropriate bedroom; not something that is more suited to a teenager. The other issue this poses you is that children change their minds and their personal tastes so often. Therefore, you want to avoid spending a fortune on re-doing their entire room, as chances are, you will only have to do it again in two years time. Sit down with your child and talk about what they would like in their room, and make a point of speaking to them like an adult. They might say that they want their room decorated in homage of a specific movie or TV show – but be aware that this might just be a fleeting interest that will soon be over. Kids don’t understand how much it costs to change up home interiors, so make sure you have a theme that both parties are confident in! Once you have decided what you are going to go with, here are some other additions you might want to make for a stylish and functional children’s bedroom.

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More often than not, your child is not going to understand the importance and relevance of storage. But it is important that you give them the option to learn, by providing them with some fun and funky storage options. Children tend to be captured by bright colors, patterns and shapes, so buy boxes in a variety of styles. You might also want to invest in larger storage options – such as a wardrobe or a bookshelf – that will last the test of time, as these things tend to be pricey to replace.


Knowing how to progress from a crib to a bed poses a few problems for most parents. You know fine well that it is completely inappropriate for your child to still be using a cot. Yet, you don’t feel entirely comfortable with the idea of them switching to a regular adults bed. A happy medium is a finding suitable kids high sleeper beds, which tend to come in a variety of styles guaranteed to appeal to your little one. The prospect of climbing a ladder to bed is also something that children tend to like, so just remember to check that everything is set up safely before you let them run wild.

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An inexpensive way to add interest to your child’s bedroom is by adding accessories. An eye-catching clock, fabric letters spelling out their name, and draw on wallpaper are all easy ways to help make a child’s bedroom unique. As mentioned above, you want to make sure that you don’t spend too much money on these kinds of things. So, with that in mind, consider utilizing websites such as Etsy in order to find some affordable handmade gifts you won’t find anywhere else. Children take pride in having cool bedrooms to show off to their friends, so involve them in the decorating process and watch them enjoy the result.

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