Water Your Relationships And Watch Them Grow Into Something Beautiful - Brandy Ellen Writes

Water Your Relationships And Watch Them Grow Into Something Beautiful

We’ve already looked at how love changes your perspective. In all its different forms, love is the ultimate goal. We can get through anything if we have the people we love around us. Can’t we? To put it simply, yes. There is a little more to it than that, though Think of your relationships as plants. If you don’t water them, they won’t grow, and will eventually die. Even so, it’s not easy to water love. Too often we take those closest to us for granted. We stop putting the effort in to keep love alive. Then, we wonder why things aren’t going right. This list should give you an idea of how to keep all the loves in your life alive and happy. Get your watering can and make sure to fill it!

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The love you have with your spouse is the most flaming love in your life. Of course, that makes it easier to get burnt. When love is passionate, both parties can end up hurt. There is a lot of expectation in a relationship. If your partner’s expectations aren’t being met, you could run into problems. Make sure to take the time to nurture the flame, and keep things passionate. Go on date nights, and always take the time to appreciate each other. Even just talking to each other about your days will keep the intimacy alive. Take time, too, to talk when you aren’t happy. In an attempt to avoid arguments, we often fail to address issues. If you keep things bottled, you’ll start to resent. Always be honest about your feelings. This doesn’t need to lead to confrontation, but can help you learn how to keep each other happy!

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The pets in our life get plenty of love too. In no time at all, they become part of the family and nestle into our hearts. The best way to keep this love alive is to pay your pet the attention it deserves! Make sure you’re doing everything to keep your ball of fluff happy. If you’re doing everything you can and are still experiencing problems, revisit the training stages. Remember that your pet’s behavior is a reflection of the way you raised them! Solve miscommunication by stocking up on training equipment. Learn things like how to shop for a training collar, and don’t hesitate to get started!

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The love you share with your family can also be problematic. The funny thing about family is that you don’t get to choose them. Your family may be a strange bunch, put together by circumstance. Even so, it’s important you show each other you love each other! Accept that your family is going to annoy you every now and again. That’s just part and parcel of the family dynamic. Don’t be afraid to leave some space between you if you’re feeling frustrated. Because of the never-ending love most families share, you’ll be able to go back next time with no mention of it at all!


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