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What is Faith

What is Faith

Faith can take many forms, many think of religion when they think of the word Faith but I look to Faith a bit differently. It’s not that I don’t believe in God or that I don’t think Faith pertains to religion, I simply feel that Faith truly has many forms. For instance, you can have Faith that everything is going to work out right, you can have Faith that positive thinking will get you through any challenges or you can have Faith that your partner will be right there beside you pulling thru as they always have. There are so many different ways to think about Faith, but for me, it’s mostly the belief that Faith is a fabulous thing for every human being.

Having Faith is the ability to believe in a higher power than one’s self. At least that’s how I think of the word Faith. I admit that I put Faith in scenarios that don’t always turn out positive; they end up wreaking havoc upon me and leave me feeling disappointed. I have had scenarios where I put my full Faith in another human being, only to be disappointed over and over again. While the times when my Faith has been proven wrong, it doesn’t falter me for the long haul. I firmly believe that having Faith that everything happens for a reason and that remaining positive will get you to better times is the best option for me as an individual.

Brandy Ellen Blogs What is Faith

You may feel having Faith in God or another religious person is what keeps you living a happy, healthy lifestyle. It really doesn’t matter how you define or view Faith versus how I define or view Faith, what matters is that you have it. You have Faith to live another day, to work through your troubles and not allow them to tear you down. You have Faith that someone out there has a plan for you and that you are comfortable accepting that destiny.

I am proud of you for having Faith, whatever Faith you may have doesn’t matter. I am just proud that you believe in something more powerful or of a higher level of being than your own self and that it helps guide you forward in life. I am proud that you have something to hang onto and remain steadfast in knowing that these troubled times will end, eventually. I am proud that you have Faith because without it, I honestly feel many people go down a bad path.

There is mental illness galore; there are depressed souls out there who could use a little Faith but who are we to judge them, who are we to tell them what form of Faith they should have. Believe me, I have many loved ones who suffer from mental illness and it takes a village to be there for them! All we can do and all that we should do as human beings is to become more compassionate of one another, have Faith that we are all in this together, regardless of race, religion and ethnicity. We are all valuable people and we all deserve the right to live our one piece of happiness, so as long as we are not harming others. If you know someone who has a Faith that is different than yours, embrace it, don’t disregard it, be proud of that person for having some form Faith to help them be a good person with good morals. Be proud that your fellow human beings have something positive to look towards regardless of the immediate moment.

Brandy Ellen Blogs What is Faith

Today I invite you all to find that piece of empathy a majority of us were born with, that compassion that one tends to lose when we face hardships and people not living up to what we anticipated. Try to be happy that your community members have found a positive way to use Faith to guide them forward, happily without judgement from you. Let us be honorable human beings, let us have compassion and kindness towards each other. Let there be more happiness, more people helping parents who are struggling, more people lending a hand to those in need. Let there be more human compassion today … pass this along to one of your friends. Remember we all have our own version Faith that keeps us moving forward, even your partner may have a different form of Faith, it’s okay, cherish each of these kind people for the good they have done and for the impact they can play on our future generation.

Cheers to empathy, compassion, and Faith above all.

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