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A Page Turner – In This Life, a Romance Drama Book Review

A Page Turner – In This Life, a Romance Drama Book Review

At the end of last year I was provided a book to review, I decided that reading is something that I desire to have back in my life. As a Mom of three who works strictly from home it’s nice to get lost in a good book every so often. I have a liking of any genre book, there’s hardly a genre I won’t read. Today I am featuring a romance drama book called In This Life written by Christine Brae. I hope that my write up entices you to purchase In This Life and check it out for yourself.

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About In This Life

A woman had the desire to escape her New York City life before starting medical school the upcoming Fall season. This woman was named Anna Dillon and she works to convince her best friend to travel along to Thailand with her on a medical mission. Volunteering in a village that was recently ruined by a tsunami is where this romantic drama starts to lead you forward in wondering what happens when love meets you and leaves … perhaps there are secrets beyond Anna’s inner most beliefs and that is where the story unfolds. In This Life is unpredictable and will leave you not wanting to put it down.

USA Today and New York Times Best Selling Author, Tarryn Fisher states, “Christine Brae gently reminds us that providence will have the last laugh in this sharply written tale of heart versus mind.”

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Why I Love In this Life

I am all about books that keep me turning the page, my rule of thumb is that if the book doesn’t capture me within those first few pages, I rarely finish it. In This Life nailed it’s mission to get me to not want to stop reading, a success in my opinion as it’s difficult to capture my focus immediately with any book these days. I love that In This Life gets you to think about what decisions we make in life based upon emotions versus our mind. This book is something that nearly anyone can find a place in their past to relate to. I invite you to read In This Life to find out why I fell in love with the book. Once done reading, pass it on to a friend to enjoy.

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About The Author

CHRISTINE BRAE After the release of her first two novels, The Light in the Wound and His Wounded Light, Brae never imagined that her words would touch so any people. Her third novel, Insipid, is a standalone that was released in June 2014. She lives in Chicago.