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How Fun a $20 Road Trip Can Be

How Fun a $20 Road Trip Can Be

Every other weekend when the kids are away my man and I pop $20 in the gas tank and just drive. Having a middle child who doesn’t much like being the car for long periods of times, a road trip really never crossed my mind. I am happy being home and had honestly became quite the hermit in years prior to meeting my man. The man I fell in love with and now share my world with, loves getting out of the house whenever possible. We both work from home, him a website developer and me a social media chick who also provides ghostwriting services to many. While I love the quiet at home environment when the kids are away, so that I can recoup, he enjoys driving as that’s his way to recoup from the week. One day we didn’t know what to do on the kid free weekend, he showed up at my home and we just decided to hop in the car and go! Ever since that day we have done our $20 road trips twice a month and it’s such a grand old time.

Brandy Ellen Blogs About $20 Road Trip

The $20 Road Trip Rules

During this $20 road trip there are no electronics, there are only two people in the vehicle with a Dunkin Donuts coffee in hand ready to check out the world. I prefer to ride and he prefers to drive so this was the perfect idea for us. I sit back and enjoy the view, the conversations and when we see something that peaks our interest, we pull over and check it out. Here are just some of the sites we have seen during our $20 road trips that cost us little to nothing to do.

Brandy Ellen Blogs About $20 Road Trip
A random giant table & chairs in some random VT town on side of road.
Brandy Ellen Blogs About $20 Road Trip
A completely free stone art nature walk in Brookline, NH
Brandy Ellen Blogs Floating Bridge VT Road Trip
A floating bridge, historical site in VT.
Brandy Ellen Blogs Madame Sheri
An old home in NH once owned by Madame Sheri.
Brandy Ellen Blogs about a $20 Road Trip
Hanging with Pumpkin People in small NH towns in Fall
Brandy Ellen Blogs about a $20 Road Trip
First marble quarry in USA, located in Dorset VT

Anyone Can do a $20 Road Trip

The moral of the story is this: stop using excuses, let go of not being able to afford things. Learn that with just $20 that you could make up somewhere else during the week with work, you and/or the whole family can get out of the house, get in that car and just drive! Imagine all of the things you will happen upon in your neck of the woods and oh the bonding that will happen as you put away electronics and simply enjoy togetherness.


More photos from our adventures today #latergram #roadtrip

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Cheers to letting go of what you thought you couldn’t do and making what you want to do a reality!

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