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Puppy Love: Looking After Your New Best Friend

Puppy Love: Looking After Your New Best Friend

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There is not a person on the planet who doesn’t swoon at the sight of a puppy. They are just so adorable. So sweet. So perfect. So cute. That is until comes to bringing up a new puppy. That is no easy task. You’re battling with a little ball of fun who wants to constantly and perpetually bite, chew, scratch, eat, play and probably poop. It’s a wonderful challenge that will bring you so much joy and adventure, but there are hurdles to overcome and responsibilities to take on. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of things you can do to look after your puppy and ensure he has long and happy life.

It starts with the vet.

You really want to find yourself a good local vet before you have bought your puppy. Do your research, ask friends with pets. Ask strangers with pets, why not. But gather as much information as you can because you are going to want to take your puppy straight to the vets once you have collected them. You’ll want a check-up as soon as possible to check for any health conditions or birth defects or anything like that. You’ll also want to ask your vet as many questions as you can on this first visit. Find out stuff like what you can do to prevent any health issues arising, and what they believe is a good routine to uphold, what vaccination plan will be needed, how to control any parasites that may affect them, what are the most common signs of illness you should be looking out for in the first few months. All of these are good questions and will help you prepare for your new life.

Food, glorious food.

Your puppy is going to grow and they are going to grow quick, which is why having the the right dog food explained to you is a must-know piece of information. The first thing to do is to check that any food you are looking at has a certified stamp from one of food control association. This is a surefire way to know that it has all the nutritional requirements your pup will need. It is also important that you know how much your dog will need to eat a day, which differs depending on size and breed, but all puppies will need to be fed multiple times a day.

Routine is key.

Unlike babies, puppies aren’t too keen on the idea of wearing nappies, which is why a bathroom routine is essential. This is mainly for your benefit. The best way to go about potty training a dog is to adopt an impossible level of patience, combined with some sort of plan as to when you will take them outside to relieve themselves each day, and as much positive reinforcement as you can possibly provide. Puppies respond to positivity like nothing else on this planet. Trust us. In terms of when, go with first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and probably after your pup has drank lots of water.

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