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Evaluating Your Thoughts – You Matter Most

Evaluating Your Thoughts – You Matter Most

The longer you wait for someone else to hear your silence, the more you put yourself in an unhappy place. It’s been said that one cannot help you if you do not speak up. One cannot know your true sorrow if you don’t speak up either. It’s time like this, when sorrow runs deep, that feeling of utter loneliness creeps in overnight and one simply doesn’t know how to speak of it. For whenever it’s spoken, it doesn’t sound as bad.

That’s the joys of actually conversing with someone, your thoughts become something someone else is able to attempt to interpret and in turn you may feel better. What happens when you open up to another person, you know a close friend or trusted family member, only to feel more sorrow and confusing? Well then my friend, I guess you need to learn how to evaluate your own thoughts without response from others.

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Evaluating your Thoughts

Take a moment to write down your thoughts, what is it that’s eating you up inside. Then read that over and over a few times. As soon as you have confirmed that this is indeed what’s bothering you, move onto the next step.

Write down a pros and cons list, this is a great way to evaluate your own thoughts and see in a visual manner what’s bad and not so bad about the thoughts that are eating you up. Think about whether or not the pros outweigh the cons.

How to Tell if Pros Outweigh Cons

While your con list may be longer than your pro list, the ultimate way to find out if your cons outweigh the pros list is to evaluate what’s listed within the con column.

Learn to recognize what is important to you and what will be a con that needs to be corrected, removed or tackled in some way.

If the cons are something you can live with, or work through and the pros seem pretty lengthy and reasonable, then your pros indeed outweigh your cons.

What to Do Now

The only person who can make decisions in your life is yourself. Let go of the hurt feelings of another person. Their feelings may matter to you, that’s fine, but you need to be a bit more selfish in the ways of living your life. At the end of the day if you feel beaten up, drained and exhausted no longer able to function or stand the life you live, then change must happen. Regardless of anything else in life, this always holds true:

Your life matters and if you can’t get through to others to help you along the way, then turn to yourself.

Remember that you are the only person who can help you and that you are the only person who can make change. It will be scary and won’t be easy, but grab on to a little faith and confidence to guide you during this transition to being happier!

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