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5 Tasks Virtual Assistants can do in an Automated World

5 Tasks Virtual Assistants can do in an Automated World

There are many things that an entrepreneur can now schedule out using automation. Automation of social media posts, threads and other items isn’t new. Sure we created a few platforms that will save both bloggers and virtual assistants time, but that doesn’t mean the position of virtual assistant will ever die. You see, when I first became a virtual assistant my plan wasn’t to build a living off sharing or managing other business owner’s social media content. My plan was to utilize my over a decade experience as an administrative assistant in the corporate world to my advantage while I was able to stay home to raise my three kids. I was successful and still am in this area, but some virtual assistants hopped on the bandwagon of building their business based upon one area of expertise; social media sharing otherwise known as blogger chore threads.

When you set your business up to make the brunt of the income off one area, you are setting yourself up for eventual failure or at least a minimum of what you can make with your virtual assistant business. Stop doing that! Learn how you can use these 5 tasks virtual assistants can do in an automated world as a means to add more value to your business and in turn increase your client base today.

Brandy Ellen Blogs 5 tasks Virtual Assistants can do in an Automated World

Data Entry

There are so many ecommerce websites out there who need your help! Data entry is a great task that you can offer and the rate would be dependent upon your experience level and ability to complete the task. I started doing data entry by assisting ecommerce sites with uploading their product images, descriptions and pricing on their online shop. This is a super easy task you can do in an automated world because all you have to do is learn the system the person is using and then have them provide you with a .csv file for easy upload into their online shop. Ecommerce website owners want to spend their time marketing and interacting with their consumer base, so when you pitch them your idea to be their data entry virtual assistant they may just be shocked at the idea of having that time alleviated from their schedule.

Newsletter Management

This is another task I started my virtual assistant business on in 2008, helping others manage their newsletter. Each week I would receive ideas for content that they wanted me to mold into a brilliant newsletter to send out to their email subscriber’s.  Whether weekly, monthly or bi-weekly having someone in a virtual setting help with newsletter management allows entrepreneurs to never forget their newsletter list. All too often we get busy building our brand and business that the newsletter subscription we built up sits there dead in the water. Learn how you can use this to your advantage by pitching companies and other entrepreneurs in a creative way that entices them to say yes in hiring you as their newsletter manager.

Manage the Automation

Sure there are platforms out there like the ones we built, such as,, and that makes it less time consuming to complete tasks on your own, but that doesn’t mean you have to think of these platforms as the enemy to your virtual assistant business. I have seen first-hand many virtual assistants use our systems with their clients’ permission. You see, even in an automated world most business owners would still rather keep their assistant on hand to monitor and complete these tedious tasks. Automation only takes away a portion of the time; it doesn’t leave it so open that all business owners want to handle this task. Learn to use the automated platforms that we created and others like this Pinterest Scheduler app and Buffer to your advantage by offering creative packages to help boost other entrepreneur’s business.

Build a Website and Sell it

You are out there selling content in all of those Facebook Groups trying to earn a living somewhere between $15 – $30 per post, but why are you only focusing on that avenue with content? There are many ways that you can use your writing skills to earn money as a virtual assistant. Take me for example, in December 2008 I started a Mom blog and I loved it. The blog was a lifestyle blog full of a wide range of information. I let the blog go for a bit while I went back to work outside of the home for a year but when I came back and started publishing content on that blog again, I caught the eye of a website buyer. In turn, I ended up selling my blog in October 2016 for a little over a year’s worth of income on that site. Learn how you can quickly build a website and sell it by using your content to create the foundation of a perfect site and turn it over on Flippa or direct sale to anyone who buys up websites.

Sign up on HireMyMom

When I first started my virtual assistant business there wasn’t a whole lots of advice out there, a virtual assistant still wasn’t quite popular and I had to utilize what I had for resources. I signed up on for just a three month time frame and in turn I had built my work at home resume up quickly with clients who hired me to manage newsletters, manage social media and even write content for their sites. While this is a paid service, for which I am not an affiliate with, I invite you to check out this website because it is full of creative virtual assistant jobs for anyone!

There you have it, 5 tasks virtual assistants can do in an automated world. Stop letting automation put you into this negative mindset, because those who succeed will succeed in the long haul if they are open to being creative and changing the game plan regardless of what hits them!

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Brandy Ellen is a born and raised NH resident who enjoys living life to the fullest. Raising 3 kids and a pug, Brandy spends her free time writing for her two blogs – ParentInfluence and Brandy EllenWrites. Brandy is also a ghostwriter for other blogs, click here to hire Brandy to write for you.

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