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6 Ways to Be Kind and Happier

It has been proven time and time again those who tend to be kind to others are happier. It’s common sense if you think about it, those who are kind to others tend to worry less and feel more fulfilled. It’s no joke that one random act of kindness to a stranger makes them feel just as happy as it does you. With so many negative situations going on in life right now, it’s time to start thinking about ways you can be kind so that you ultimately find your way back to inner happiness. Today we will share 6 ways to be kind and in turn, happier.

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  1. Practice Empathy – this is probably the most important way you can be kind. Learn to listen without judgment, hear without speaking and learn why others feel the way they do. You don’t have to agree with someone to feel empathy towards their experiences and situation.
  2. Leave a Gift – while this may not allow you to see the immediate response, it’s still a fun way to be kind to others. Purchase a few small gifts, wrap them up and leave them in random places in your town. Others will be full of happiness when they get to open this surprise gift.
  3. Start Yoga – this has been known to be an exercise format that helps you to remain balanced, more flexible and in turn calmer as a person. When your mind and body feels balanced, kindness happens almost automatically, yoga is a great way to help you find your center.
  4. Send a Card – if you know someone who needs a little cheering up or you miss a long distant friend, perhaps mail them a card via postal mail. This is a great way to be kind without spending too much money, remember it’s the thought that counts not the monetary value.
  5. Smile More – when you smile others smile too, practice smiling more often to everyone you pass. That one little smile will be a little kind gesture that gets a big response. Smiling to others in passing will encourage them to smile back and in turn start a domino effect of smiling.
  6. Practice Gratitude – being grateful for someone else is a great way to be kind. Perhaps take a moment each day to express your gratitude towards others for all they are currently doing and have done in life.

Each of these 6 ways to be kind and happier will go a long way. Remember that it’s not the size of the kind gesture; it’s the emotional feeling that goes along with it. Keep in mind that being kind to others is a fabulous way to get yourself back to true inner happiness, so what are you waiting for? Get on up and moving! Go be kind to others today!

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