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Enter a World of Depravity and Black Magic with the Book Blackwell

Enter a World of Depravity and Black Magic with the Book Blackwell

In this dark fantasy set in New Orleans you will find Magnus Blackwell is a witty, wealthy, handsome man who is the King of Harvard’s campus in the Victorian Era. When Magnus befriends Jacob O’Connor the idealistic working class student, you will find it’s an odd pairing of friends. One is a working class student, the other a wealthy student who both share similar architectural pursuits.  Jacob and Magnus have a friendship even though they have nothing in common except their love of this charming young woman named Frances and their competitive nature to want to win her.

Enter a World of Depravity and Black Magic with the Book Blackwell

Frances ultimately chooses to marry Jacob with devastates Magnus and makes he feel embarrassed. Magnus then fleas to New Orleans as a means to release himself from the enduring pain of desiring a woman who chose another man. Magnus gets into black magic upon his journey of starting a new life in New Orleans and he cannot resist the powerful voodoo magic, which he hopes will be of use to him as a means to win Frances back. Follow along with Magnus as you watch a man scorn from love attempt to use black magic to weave a web of darkness into his old friend Jacob’s life and his old flame Frances’ life.

Will Magnus win the love of Frances or will all hell break loose? There’s a new master in town, Blackwell, go on over to Amazon or your local book store today to pick up a copy of Blackwell and have a read for yourself.

Dark Fantasy – Blackwell

If you are into dark fantasy type of books, then Blackwell will most certainly keep you entertained. Between the suspenseful chapters with all of the twists and turns, the authors Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor have mastered writing skills to keep you wanting to turn the page to find out what will occur next.

My Thoughts on Blackwell

I personally enjoy a good book that keeps me wondering what will happen next; Blackwell created this wonderful fantasy world for me that is easy to find a place in the past where my emotions felt similar to Blackwell. This character is relatable, even if on a slightly darker scale, which is why I highly recommend Blackwell to you all. You can purchase Blackwell on Amazon or at any other book store that offers a wide selection of books – go get Blackwell today and tweet @brandyellen on Twitter with your thoughts. Oh and don’t give away any spoilers when you tweet me, I don’t want to ruin this book for anyone else.