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Let’s Discuss Ghostwriting

Let’s Discuss Ghostwriting

There are many blogger’s out there and brands taking full advantage of having a ghostwriter on their team. A ghostwriter is the perfect addition for any brand or blogger’s site because they can provide you quality, original content on a regular basis for a small fee. While some will charge in upwards of $50 per article, depending upon the length and quality, I have seen the average ghostwriter charge around $25 per 600 word article. The reality is, ghostwriters charge what they feel their time is worth. For me, I am a ghostwriter who charges a little lower rate because I can write a high quality article in minimal time. I like to keep my hourly average rate around $50-$100 per hour, with that being said, I can type 110WPM with 98% accuracy which means I can charge a little lower per article rate than other ghostwriters and still feel confident I am being paid well to provide you with quality content.


Brandy Ellen Ghostwriter Consult

What does a Ghostwriter Offer?

  • The ability to edit, manipulate and change the article in any way you deem fit.
  • The ability to take full credit for the content, yes even if it’s a sponsored post!
  • Unique, original content pertaining to your niche without having to take the time to research.
  • A silent team member who works as an independent contractor.

Hiring a ghostwriter is a fantastic business decision because it frees up the time involved in researching content, allows you to provide your editorial calendar with a trusted person who you have hired to ensure the content is delivered to you within the deadlines discussed.  When hiring a ghostwriter it’s important to ask questions and write up a contract if you so desire to ensure you have a paper trail of what your expectations are and how they will supply you with the content.

What to ask a Ghostwriter:

  • When will content be delivered?
  • Will all content be original, free of plagiarism?
  • Will I get a discount if I purchase in bulk?
  • Can you provide review write ups for a product or write sponsored content for me if I provide you with the guidelines?
  • Is our contract confidential, meaning you will not tell anyone that you are my ghostwriter?
  • Can we modify terms as the blog/site grows and my needs change?

How to Hire a Ghostwriter

Not all ghostwriters have a contract that they use, regularly they email you back and forth until you come to an agreement on how services shall be provided. Once you have established all of the fine details, you then submit payment and the ghostwriter starts working for you as an independent contractor. If you desire to have a ghostwriter sign a contract, then you should create one on your end or ask the ghostwriter to create one as part of your deal. The ghostwriter may charge a small fee for their time in compiling a contract, that’s not unreasonable as they will spend extra time creating a contract and negotiating the terms with you. A contract or email paper trail is important for both the ghostwriter and the person hiring said ghostwriter because it protects both of you in case something goes bad.

Be careful of hiring your best friend or family member, business between close friends or family members doesn’t usually turn out good. Try to ask around to see if others use specific ghostwriters, note that many won’t publicly admit who they use for this service, because they don’t want others spreading rumors about how their content isn’t written by them. Many of my clients opt to be confidential; there are only a few who have purchased direct articles on a one-time basis over the past year that are okay with me utilizing them as a reference.

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Have a Consult with Brandy Ellen

If you are serious about hiring a ghostwriter and want to test out my services to see if they are a match for you, then click here to pay the one-time $20 consult fee* today to get started! I will happily review your editorial calendar, spend time discussing your needs and then determine if I will be able to satisfy your needs or not. If I am unable to, I can refer you to a few other ghostwriters that I know to see if they would be a better match for you. I am all about supporting others success and understand it’s vitally important to work with people who match well for your vision, your voice and your business!

* The one-time consult fee of $20 will be deducted off your initial payment of 3 or more articles should you hire me as your ghostwriter, this consult fee is a non-refundable fee regardless of whether you hire me or not.


Brandy Ellen is a born and raised NH resident who enjoys living life to the fullest. Raising 3 kids and a pug, Brandy spends her free time writing for her two blogs – ParentInfluence and Brandy EllenWrites. Brandy is also a ghostwriter for other blogs, click here to hire Brandy to write for you.