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4 Fears that Hold us Back in Life

4 Fears that Hold us Back in Life

Fear is a mother! Fear is one of those emotions that can hold us back in many areas of life. Those who suffer from anxiety, as I do, know all too well how fear can rear its ugly head and wreak havoc upon your life. Not only is fear irrational a majority of the time, fear is usually stemmed from prior experiences that current date scenarios trigger.

Brandy Ellen Blogs 4 Fears that Hold us Back in Life

Fear of Uncertainty

This is the most common fear that holds anxious people back that fear of the unknown if you will. It’s not uncommon to fear that you won’t like something or that you won’t know how a new client contract will turn out. The fear of uncertainty can keep you from becoming success in your work at home environment. This fear also fuels disaster in relationships both those of friendships and love. This irrational fear can easily hold you back from trying new things or letting life happen just as it should.

Fear of Loss of Freedom

This is going on a lot these days after the recent election. All over the world people are in fear of losing precious freedoms. While some will argue that the freedoms have already been taken away, reality is we still have some pretty good freedoms in the United States. With the simplest form we are able to work at home, we are able to educate our kids how we deem fit and we are allowed to love who we wish to love. The fear of loss of freedom can keep us up late at night rather than focusing on doing all we can to ensure our freedoms aren’t lost, people get consumed in fear and that turns to hatred/anger.

Fear of Being Judged

This fear is common among people who suffer from low self-esteem. Now this is not to say that the average confident human being never fears being judged, we all have moments where we subconsciously fear being judged. This type of fear can hold us back from expanding our life and experiencing new things. We often exaggerate what others are thinking or feeling towards us, instead of simply engaging in a conversation or asking what they think. This fear of being judged certainly destroys relationships and friendship all too often.

Fear of Rejection

This fear of rejection can go into relationships and business scenarios. All too often we remain single adults because of a bad experience in a previous relationship. Then other times we don’t push our business further, such as applying to new opportunities because we have become comfortable in our current business state. When you allow fear of rejection to rule your world, you miss out on the wonderful opportunities and the experience that comes from being rejected. One must learn how to accept rejection as a growing opportunity rather than a setback.

Brandy Ellen Blogs 4 Fears that Hold us Back in Life

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There are many self-help books and therapist that specialize in the area of working through fear so that you don’t allow it to rule your life. Those who suffer from various mental health issues, autism, bipolar, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, etc. could benefit from focusing on solutions versus fear. Of course, simply telling you to focus on solutions during a high fearful moment will only make you erupt in anger; I get it, but try to read one self-help book a week to work through these fears that are holding you back in life.

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