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Having Fun Making Memories: Cheap Way to Have Fun with Partner

Having Fun Making Memories: Cheap Way to Have Fun with Partner

Every other weekend Mike and I hop into the vehicle and off we go. Most of the time we have no idea where the road will lead us, but we are happy for a change of scenery and time together. I admit there have been quite a few of our road trip weekends where not much was said. Times haven’t been easy and with winter added to that, I am a mess (that’s putting it mildly). With that being said, we still try our best to bring who we are back to the surface after the accident on Sept 2nd. Mike and I still enjoy time together and we have goals in love, life and business; this is probably what keeps us chugging through those difficult days!

Brandy Ellen Blogs How to Have Fun with Your Partner

One Friday night after the kids left we treated ourselves to something for dinner at home, a game of Yahtzee and took some photos. I start at this collage, which is now my desktop computer background and I giggle. I cannot help but look back at this photo and remember that evening. The other day I firmly stated that memories can’t keep a couple together, I was adamant that the memories are just that and there’s no way to get back the life we loved after all we’ve been through. I will eat my words! I tell you, I am pretty sure I am wrong in that. I look at our photos, all of those memories and smile, tear up and get a little warm in the heart. I do think memories are what allow you to rekindle that “in love” feeling when your love and you are caught up in other stressors.

Brandy Ellen Blogs How to Have Fun with Your Partner

Image above taken in Hinsdale, NH

This past weekend without the kiddos we ventured out on another $20 road trip and we headed off to Vermont. We had no idea where in Vermont, just headed that way to see what we see. Boy did we see some cool stuff. We stopped in Townshend, VT to see a dam and a water fall coming off the high rocks.

There was a rainbow at the bottom and this was just a magical moment for sure. I watched as Mike went off with the tablet to take some photos of this beautiful scene.

This is what fun is for us, and it only costs $20 plus 3-6 hours of your day! There’s no reason why the average couple can’t start doing things like this. Take photos and capture those memories, put them aside and look back at them. I will be honest, being able to look back upon these moments of our road trip adventures help me to come to a place where I remember how much I love this man and how much he loves me. We all get lost along the path of building our life, try to stop for fun at least twice a month to not lose that love you and your significant other worked to build together!
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