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Stop Your Pooch Getting Lost For Good

One of the biggest fears for dog owners is their pooch going missing. After all, it can be such a harrowing time trying to find your pet. And it can be so traumatic for the whole family. While some families are lucky and they manage to find their dog, for others they never find out what happened to their pooch. And then they have to try and find ways to move on without the pet in their life. But there are some ways you can avoid your pet going missing for good. Therefore, here are some ways you can ensure your pooch isn’t missing for long, and will soon be back where they belong.

Always take them on familiar routes

It’s important that you go on familiar routes every time you take your pooch for a walk. For one thing, it ensures you know where you are going. After all, you don’t want to end up getting lost while out on a walk with your dog. But also, going on a familiar route helps your dog to get to know the route. In fact, you may notice they start directing you, rather than you taking them along the road! And if they do end up going missing while on your walk, it will ensure they can make their way home. After all, they will remember where to go, so you will soon find your howling pooch at the front door. Therefore, always stick to ways your dog knows, so they are more likely to come home if they do go missing! And avoid going out in the dark. After all, this can leave your pooch disorientated and might make it harder for them to find home if they do get off the leash!

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Get them chipped and use a collar

One of the first things a lot of animal shelters and vets will ask you when you ring up about your missing dog is whether they are chipped. After all, if they have got a chip, they can scan dogs quickly to find out where they are from. And you are more likely to receive a call sooner rather than later about your dog. After all, it can be a lot harder for them to trace it’s your dog if they have no chip. You can do this at the vets when they are a puppy to keep them safe. And make sure you update your details so that if they do get out, you will get a call to the right number, or have a visit to the correct address. Also, a collar is an excellent way to identify your pet too. After all, you can write on collars they have a particular color or style which can make it easier to find your pooch. Therefore, it’s a good idea to hunt down a collar for your dog; you can read more online on sites like Dog Collar Guide to ensure you get a good collar! And make sure you update it once it’s past it’s best. After all, you don’t want it to slip off when they are lost.

Encourage your dog to be friendly with people

The worst thing for your pet if they are missing is if they are shy. After all, your pooch might hide from people who could help escort them home. And it might take them longer to be found if they don’t like strangers. After all, if they bark if anyone goes near them, it might stop a friendly face from helping them. Therefore, to ensure they are found sooner rather than later if they go missing, you need to encourage your dog to be friendly with other people. It can be difficult if they are a bit of a scaredy cat. But attempt to introduce more people to their life. And then encourage them to let others to pet and play with them. And the more you work on their fear, the more of a chance they will approach someone if they are lost. Then you will have your beloved pooch back in your arms sooner rather than later!

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And make sure you spread the word about your missing dog as soon as it happens. In the modern world, there is so much more you can do to help find your pooch. After all, you can spread it on social networks which will be shared and retweeted by others. And knocking around your neighbors can also make them aware of the situation. Therefore, they will contact you if they see your dog hanging around in the local area.

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