Random Road Trip Sightings – Rare Great Owl Newport, NH

There is a rare great owl in Newport, NH. This owl is getting a lot attention and he seems happy as can be hamming it up for the cameras. One day this owl happened to land upon a woman’s head, it was captured on photograph and can be found on Facebook. Mike and I would joke about the paparazzi this owl has each time we drove past the crowds.

Random Road Trip Sightings – Rare Great Owl Newport, NH

Kid-Free Road Trip

On one of our random kid-free road trip weekends we happened to turn down a road and see people crowded all over. We knew it was for the sighting of this rare great owl, but as soon as we drove closer we saw that owl. The owl was perched on a fence post just off the side of the road, everyone was there capturing this beautiful creature. Of course, we decided why not grab the tablet and become one with these people.

Random Road Trip Sightings – Rare Great Owl Newport, NH

Rare Great Owl Newport, NH

We walked over and Mike captured some beautiful photos of this owl. What happened next we never anticipated. I love nature but I love it at a distance, you see I get rather frightened when wild animals, birds or even large horses are too close to me. This rare great owl didn’t seem to care when he came flying within just like 10 feet or so of me and landed on the fence post. Shown in the image below, you can see we were not that far from this beautiful bird.

We must have been at this location just fifteen minutes or so, we conversed with various photographers on the scene and were amazed at the beauty of this owl as he watched for a meal to pop up in the field.

Random Road Trip Sightings – Rare Great Owl Newport, NH

Snow Doesn’t Stop Rare Great Owl Sightings

Since our visit to see this owl in Newport, NH, snow has hit the town pretty hard but you will still find some photographers out there trudging through the snow to capture more of this owl who is long off the path of his natural habitat.

Making Memories on our Road Trips

This is just one of our many stories of memories we will hold close when it comes to reminiscing about our random kid-free road trip weekends.We have so many fantastic stories to share and as I work to share more of our travel photos, you will start to see me relive these moments and provide you with some wonderful places to check out in the New England area this summer.

Random Road Trip Sightings – Rare Great Owl Newport, NH

Learn more about this rare great owl, as he was featured on many websites for his natural habitat is in central and western Canada, much of Alaska, parts of the northwestern United States and in the mountains of California but here he is in this small little Northeast New Hampshire town of Newport. He can still be spotted near the airport of this small town, and if you are looking for him just locate all of the photographers and you will surely capture your own glimpse of this beautiful rare great owl.

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