Your Thoughts Manifest your Future

Brandy Ellen Blogs Law of Attraction

Life is all about tests. There are so many tests one will go through in life all the way until the end. If you can be guaranteed anything in life, the tests are certain to come. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with emotions when life tests your strength, dedication and motivation. What’s harder and will make you a stronger person is learning to live based on logic and reasoning skills. The human brain reminds me of a computer, always storing information away for later use and bringing to the forefront information it feels you must focus on. Emotions can create this false sense of reality for you and your brain can bring forward memories that should be forgotten.

While life tests you with all of the twists and turns, you don’t have to let it consume you. Show love and kindness wherever you go. Manifest your dreams to come true. Learn to focus thoughts where they belong in the present day. Let go of memories that come forward when life has you stressed out. I firmly believe we manifest everything in our life. There are a few things you can do to work through a test of life so that you remain who you are and don’t lose all that you’ve worked hard for.

Brandy Ellen Blogs Law of Attraction

How to Overcome Stressful Moments

  • Take a moment to breath. Let yourself relax for a moment.
  • Think about what matters to you in life. Focus on what you want to happen.
  • Jot down some reasons why life isn’t so bad after all.
  • Read those reasons over and over until your brain lets go of the stressful memories
  • Take a moment to breath. Let yourself relax for a moment.

How to Use These Tips to Manifest Less Stress

Once you have established a relaxed mindset and you are focused on the reasons why life isn’t so bad after all, you can move forward. I believe in the Law of Attraction, we attract all that happens to us into our life. It may not be easy to comprehend that we truly do bring bad things into our life, but it’s true. Learning how to overcome stressful moments by thinking about what matters in life, jotting down reasons why life isn’t so bad after all helps to redirect your thoughts towards solutions. The Law of Attraction states that whatever thoughts you put into the universe come back to you. The Law of Attraction doesn’t recognize the words do or don’t, it just hears the main points. For example, if you say I don’t want to have my relationship fail. The universe may hear that as you want the relationship to fail. A better way to manifest good within the relationship would be to consistently think, “This relationship will last.”

See the difference there?

Brandy Ellen Blogs Law of Attraction

How to Manifest Better Times

  • Focus only on what you do want to have happen.
  • First think about solutions rather than the problem.
  • Once you redirect to a solution and remain focused on that, something changes.
  • Suddenly you feel slightly driven, more focused and perhaps a bit more loving.
  • Speak only positive thoughts with action words that solve the problem.

Brandy Ellen Blogs Law of Attraction

How These Tips Help

When you start to focus on what you do want to have happen and find a solution to the problem, your life gets a little easier. Naturally we try to push people away, we sulk and we get into this hole of sadness because it’s easier than learning how to manifest better times. When you are focused on a solution and start to feel your whole being become more focused and driven, life relaxes a little on the test. Things start to fall into place. Perhaps your relationship starts to feel like a great one to be in or your job isn’t so tedious and demanding after all. Your inner core starts to shine through and life begins to make sense again.

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