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Easy Ways to Create a Dog-friendly Dwelling

Easy Ways to Create a Dog-friendly Dwelling

Your home is your dog’s home too. It’s where they eat, sleep, and play. So it should be a comfortable and enjoyable place for your dog to be, and not just set up for humans. If you want your pooch to feel more at home, there’s a lot you can do to create a more dog-friendly environment. Your dog needs somewhere comfortable to sleep and needs to be able to get around with ease. They also need space to run around and stay safe when they’re outside, and they need to keep cool on hot days and warm on cold days. Try these tips to make your home better for your dog.

Give Them Their Own Space

Even dogs like to have time to themselves. Sometimes, they want to retreat to their own little corner of the house and not have anyone bother them. It’s good for your dog to have an area where they can get some peace. An ideal way to do this is to choose somewhere for their bed, or possibly give them a crate. A lot of crate-trained dogs come to love their crate and will get in it on their own when it’s time for bed. If you have a large dog, have a look at the best dog beds for labs and large dogs in 2017 reviewed this year. You want to select something that’s big enough and durable enough for your large dog. My friend once gave me a comfortable bed for my labs, years ago when I had a puppy black lab.

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Make Sure Your Dog Can Stay Warm/Cool

Dogs feel like cold and heat just like we do. In fact, it can be harder for them to regulate their body temperature because they can’t put an extra pair of socks on or turn the AC up. While they do a good job of keeping themselves warm or cool, you need to help them out too. It’s especially important to help them stay cool on hot days. You can make sure they have plenty of water, as well somewhere cool and shady to lie. Outside, you might get out a paddling pool for them to have a splash.

Create a Dog-friendly Outdoor Area

Your dog needs space to run around, and you hopefully have a yard or garden where they can exercise. Many people leave their dog outside for long periods too. Whenever your dog is outside, you need to make sure they’re comfortable. One thing you can do is give them an outdoor area, like a kennel, to match their indoor space. It’s important to make sure it’s safe for them too. Some plants can be dangerous for dogs, for example, so you don’t want any of them outside your home.

Make Your Home More Dog-accessible

Another thing you can do is make your home more accessible for your dog. This might depend on their size, as well as if they have any problems that prevent them from getting around. You might make sure you raise your large dog’s food and water bowls so they can reach. Or you can put a ramp up the front steps of your house, so it’s easier for your older dog to get up.

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You can make your home better for your dog with a few small changes. It’s worth it to give your dog a happier life.

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