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How to Manage Multiple Jobs from Home

How to Manage Multiple Jobs from Home

As we work to launch another site I find myself wondering if I should start to have a different focus. When I came back home full time in Feb 2015 the mission was simple: Make this work and be successful! I focused on having ghostwriting clients, chore thread clients and selling thousands of articles directly within FB groups. Having this level of clientele made sense, I had no other focus except to write for clients and myself plus complete various tasks for other clients. It was easy to have these jobs because it was paying the bills and Lord knows I needed to get bills paid.

But then something happened …

As my other half and I worked to create platforms to save me time and we launched them into the public, we found that our calling was made. We have learned to solve a problem for both virtual assistants and bloggers. With our membership sites we have helped save hundreds of hours for our members and they consistently let us know. We are about to launch a fourth membership site that helps bloggers find virtual assistants and virtual assistants find bloggers who need help. A FIFTH membership site. Keep in mind I am the one who promotes and provides customer service for each platform, with assistance from my other half when I am either way or it’s’ a tech issue.

Whatever is a gal to do, where should my focus be? Clearly this is the time to start thinking about how to manage multiple jobs from home for I have no desire to give up clients. I enjoy writing for others, for my own blogs and providing the assistance I do to my current chore thread clients. Most recently I have added a newsletter service to my plate where I manage client’s newsletters. I swear sometimes I like having a lot of jobs, I guess for me it’s about helping others. I can’t seem to stop doing that especially if it’s helping offset the costs of having a family of five who rents their home at a high cost.

So how can one manage multiple jobs you ask?

How to Manage Multiple Jobs at Home

Here’s How I Manage Multiple Jobs from Home

Make Priorities – every membership platform carries some high level of priority. You have to make sure your members concerns are handled in a timely fashion so they continue enjoying the platform. Every client I have doesn’t really need ongoing service, so I can simply schedule out the tasks for them between customer service and promotion for our platforms. Making priorities will help you to manage multiple jobs with ease. Learn to let go of anything that can wait.

Kids Must Come First – if you have a sick child, like we recently dealt with Influenza B, you must let yourself be okay with putting that kid first. If you have articles due with clients who you have serviced for long periods of time chances are they will completely understand as they have learned to trust your work ethic. Let yourself be a parent when you need to be, after all most of us are working from home to be an involved parent. Kids come first when sick and need their parent.

Keep Communication Open – you must have fantastic communication skills in order to survive managing multiple jobs from home. It’s a skill that must constantly be worked on to grow as you add more jobs to your plate. Be honest with your clients and yourself, believe me they will thank you in the long run. While you don’t need to dive into the details, a simple email to communicate any delay will more than likely be understood and if not? Then maybe they weren’t a good fit for you.

Learn to Say No – even the best of us who have this innate ability to multi-task have to learn to say no once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with declining a new client or a job if your plate is full at this time. Occasionally I have to say no but I offer to refer them to another virtual assistant. With our new VAProfile website referring people who I can’t help to a different virtual assistant will be much easier. It’s okay to refer people to competitors; it won’t harm your long term business success.

How to Manage Multiple Jobs from Home

Well that’s all I have for you today for tips on how to manage multiple jobs from home.

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