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4 Tips to Work through Difficult Thoughts

4 Tips to Work through Difficult Thoughts

When you look towards the good in most situations it seems as though you are living in a fairy tale type world. Life gets overwhelming and at the end of the day you sit there thinking about all of the things that don’t work for you. You think about how various scenarios that have been playing out don’t work for you. Your mind races with the thoughts and due to being overtired you can’t make rhyme or reason out of these thoughts. Perhaps you are just overthinking because you are on full at the end of the night, optimism can’t take over for your brain is just too weak to turn towards the positive. Or perhaps you are truly feeling certain things and when you have a moment to pause all of the real issues get to you and run through your mind. There’s no one else in this world who can tell you which of these ideas make the most sense. You have to figure it out, even when your stomach is in knots feeling so uncertain of the future.

If you are facing difficult thoughts, things that truly bother you but you seem to never have resolve over them, then you must make these thoughts a priority. Your feelings and thoughts matter most of all for any unsettling thoughts can drive you into a crazy state of mind. Most of us turn to aggressive words or silence in times when our mind is this full. Being silent may keep peace within your life but it wreaks havoc upon your soul. It’s time to figure out how to work through these thoughts and feelings to come to a true internal state of peace.

4 Ways to Work Through Difficult Thoughts

Is Optimism a Cover Up?

Think about your thoughts and feelings, during the daytime hours when you get along just fine with everyone and you seem to look towards the good in life are you still feeling whole? Do you occasionally think that what is put out there online or spoken out of your mouth isn’t quite the true depth to how you feel? If optimism is starting to be a cover up or a protection mechanism to make everything seem fine, then you are headed down a bad path. When you handle situations like this with an optimistic cover up, you truly never get resolve and often it will lead you towards a meltdown either mentally, physically or verbally.

What really Matters to You?

Think about what matters most to you, are the feelings you have a real red flag issue? Could your situation get worse down the road if you continuously cover it up with that optimistic mindset you’ve worked hard to have? Think about what matters to you when it comes to morals, living situations and beliefs then work towards eliminating or resolving one issue at a time. Write down things that make you shaky, make your stomach sick with anxiety and your heart dark with negative feelings. Work through those thoughts and determine which thoughts must be addresses in some way to be certain you are focused on what matters to you.

Are you living your full purpose?

Often times our difficult thoughts come to us during a trying time, perhaps you have given so much into something just to learn that the give isn’t going to stop. You will be torn down with everything because no matter how much you express this feeling nothing is resolved. You may not be living your full purpose in life if you are living for others to help satisfy their dreams and goals but leaving your own on the back burner. Difficult thoughts can truly consume us when we are off of our own personal path in life. Sure there are road blocks and twists that happen for anyone in life but if you have found you are truly off the beaten path in a way that has put others before your own inner peace and confidence for too long then you are not truly living your full purpose and you will break.

How Can you Move on?

I would love to say that moving on from this type of beaten down path is easy but nothing comes easy in life. If I were to tell you that you got this, that you can think your way out of this then I would be lying to you. Life is no box of cookies; it takes dedication and motivation to push through when difficult thoughts have consumed you. If you find that your anxiety is on high and that health issues are arising then you must find a way to move on. As difficult as it may be to sort through the questions of what really matters to you, it’s a necessary evil to face. Moving on is something that you must do on your own, especially if you fear confiding in anyone else will only make the situation worse.

I wish I had a one size fits all solution for you but we are all individuals with our own thoughts, ways of life and what helps us to work through difficult thoughts. It’s simply time to figure out if your optimism is a true deep feeling of happiness or a cover up to simply survive during a time you have found you are lost and incomplete. Only you can make a bad situation better or worse, work today towards making the situation better so that you can have a full feeling of inner peace and remember why you matter most regardless of what others have said or done to break you down.

Brandy Ellen is a born and raised NH resident who enjoys living life to the fullest. Raising 3 kids and a pug, Brandy spends her free time writing for her two blogs – ParentInfluence and Brandy EllenWrites. Brandy is also a ghostwriter for other blogs, click here to hire Brandy to write for you.

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