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Why I Write About Various Topics — Positive Living

Here on my blog I like to write about a variety of topics, but there’s actually a connection to all topics listed on this site – Positive Lifestyle. You see as a work from home mom of 3 I tend to have to figure out coping mechanisms, something that keeps my head held high and my heart in the game of life. I found that positive thinking worked for me over the years and with each new trying experience I have, I have to work through it and get back on track again. There won’t ever be one right way to live life nor think about situations. That’s the cool thing about life; every situation you are in is unique in some way. With all of that being said, I firmly believe that in order to be truly successful from home you have to have the right mindset. This is why I write a lot about positive thinking, getting over winter funk and other similar topics regarding our mind.

Be Okay Speaking Up

I think that it’s important to feel confident that you can speak your mind, to be allowed to feel like something isn’t going to work out without being told you are giving up. Quite frankly, people who have lived life and have experienced enough things come into the situation with wisdom from those scenarios to know what works and what doesn’t’ work for them. With that being said, this doesn’t make another person bad or evil, it simply is what it is. Remain confident in life, love and business to know that you have a right to make decisions based on gut instincts and what you know will work or not work for you.

Take Time, but Not Too Long

Sit on your thoughts for a while but don’t take forever. If you take too long to sort through the feelings and signs, even worse if you are doing this alone because you can’t speak to anyone else about it, well you may end up fueling more rage, bitterness and other negative feelings that won’t make the situation better at all. Find someone, even if you have to go to a counselor, that you can confide in to help you sort through your feelings without leading you in any direction. After all, it’s up to you to know what’s right for you and what’s not right for you, only you can make that decision.

You Have to Live with It

At the end of the day you never know if you are for sure making the right decisions in life, love and business. You simply have to trust in yourself and follow thru. Whether you choose to stay in a situation or leave the situation, do so with all of your heart. Make a solid decision and remain firm about it. Do not allow anything else outside of your situation deter you from that decision. Remember that it’s up to you to live with this decision for the rest of your life, choose wisely.


Last, but certainly not least, you must make decisions because it’s part of being an adult. You must not teeter between making a decision one way or another. If you teeter to long it will only destroy your inner peace and quite frankly not make anyone else’s life better. Have confidence to know that you must walk away, stay or perhaps decline that new business deal to simply remain true to yourself.

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It is Your Life

At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what’s going on in your life, it’s no one’s business but your own and anyone else involved.  This means that you need to sort through everything and come to a realistic conclusion as to what will work, if you have kids well you must remember they need to come first because they are your responsibility. So if a work deal may land you working more and losing quality time with them, well it may not be a good idea. If a relationship is making you feel like you can’t be the person your kids were used to having and it’s draining you internally, well then you need to figure that out and make a choice. It doesn’t really matter if you are reading this because you are being nosey thinking I am having a dilemma and you are curious what it is, or you are truly looking to find some inner peace … I am writing this as a means to help others figure out a way to sort through all of life, love and business challenges by changing how they think about the situation. I hope it helps you out in your time of indecisiveness.

Why I Write About Various Topics -- Positive Living

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