Historical Marker – Brookfield, VT Floating Bridge

Since 1820 this floating bridge located in Brookfield, VT has placed significance to the locals. This location is so important that you can find a plaque erected as a historical marker right before you drive across the newly renovated floating bridge.

Historical Marker - Brookfield, VT Floating Bridge

Even without the floating bridge, this little area of town is simply adorable. When you happen upon this town it’s almost as if the outside world has stopped. You can nearly see yourself back in the 1800’s with old style homes, peaceful views and friendly people. We are always impressed when we come upon a town like this. It’s simply breath taking.


During the winter season the floating bridge appears to be closed off, as we recently took a little trip that way during our weekend road trip. It was almost sad to see how dead the little town is during the winter season, but have no worries, soon the warm sunshine will bring the locals and tourists to stay here at the Inn or Bed & Breakfasts located near Brookfield, VT’s floating bridge.

Historical Marker - Brookfield, VT Floating Bridge

There really isn’t a whole lot more to say, you simply have to stop on over to Vermont to see this. Walk across the bridge, take in the views and perhaps have a great conversation with the locals and tourists while you’re here.

Historical Marker - Brookfield, VT Floating Bridge

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  1. I love historical markers and try to stop and read them when I see them. This is a neat one! The bridge is lovely. (I’ve always wanted to visit Vermont.)

  2. Ive never been to Vermont. Actually I haven’t really ever visited the Northeast before. The only place Ive ever been is to gymnastics camp in Pennsylvania. I would love to spend time here. It looks so beautiful.

  3. Having never been to Vermont I hadn’t heard of this floating bridge. Very neat and possibly slightly panic inducing for myself lol!

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