Poem - I see the Subtle Changes - Brandy Ellen Writes

Poem – I see the Subtle Changes

Poetry has always been a huge part of my life. The older I get the less I seem to write. This means my poetry skills are slightly off from what they used to be. Bear with  me while I share a little poem that came to my mind randomly this morning. I felt it had to be written and shared, for it was stuck in my head and flowed so naturally from my mind down to fingertips onto paper.

Subtle Changes Written by Brandy Ellen Tanner

Subtle Changes
Written by: Brandy Ellen Tanner (BrandyEllen.com)

I see the subtle changes the way things aren’t the same
I see the feelings faded and the actions don’t remain
I see the spark that once shown bright within your eyes
Slowly faded gone, though it’s no surprise

Life is full of changes, some are good and some are bad
Spring becomes a time of rebirth amidst the lack of glad
Open your heart and soul to the changes, be aware
Don’t lose yourself with foolish pride because they don’t care

I see the subtle changes the way things used to be
I yearn for sparks that once ignited you and me
I desire to be held close and feel important to you
Slowly faded gone, though not forever blue.

Seasons bring upon us changes and a chance for renew
Let’s come together and show the spark that once flew
I see the subtle changes and it saddens me so deep
Love still remains underneath the sadness that does creep.

Interpretation is Up to You

I guess the interpretation of this can be different for each of us. The joy of poetry is that each of us can read this one poem but leave with a different thought of what it means.

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What does this poem mean for me?

Well perhaps it means I am longing for Spring to be the rebirth of things faded in the past months. I long to have the sunshine fill my soul with warmth again to be the person I am. I long for Spring to bring back the spark of life I once saw in my own eyes. I look forward to seeing what remains after all that has been done.

What does this poem say to you? How can you relate to the words as they have been written?

Poem - I See the Subtle Changes

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