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Blogging: 8 Things Everyone Gets Wrong

Blogging: 8 Things Everyone Gets Wrong

Blogging is still huge, although it’s getting a little harder to make a name for yourself in the blogging world as there are so many bloggers and blogs out there. The sheer amount could make your head spin! Some blogs succeed, and some fail. Some never quite reach their potential, through not through lack of trying. This could be down to a few things that everyone gets wrong about blogging. Read on to learn what they are so you can have more success with your blog!

Thinking You Can Only Start A Written Blog

Starting a written blog is the traditional way to do things, but it isn’t the only way. You can start a blog on any social media platform because that’s where people are listening. This means you can start a blog on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – anywhere you like. If you aren’t a great writer or you don’t enjoy putting super long posts together but you are amazing at taking photos, Instagram might be more your thing. Test out a few different platforms and see how you get on.

Blogging 8 Things Everyone Gets Wrong


Thinking Social Media Isn’t That Important

Even if you do choose to start a traditional blog, social media is important. It’s the gateway to your blog and content, so you need to give people a taste of your style and content on there.

Make things attractive. Choose a good theme and color scheme, and make sure you create a banner. Your voice should be the same across each platform. This is called your ‘brand personality’ – it’s important even if you’re an individual and not a business! You don’t need to use every single social media platform, but you should definitely use those your audience are frequenting most. Start by using as many as you can realistically keep up with, posting consistently. You can use automation to do this, or if you’re serious, you can hire a social media manager. Nailing social media is the key to success in this day and age!

Spending Too Little Time On Your Titles

You need to take your time when it comes to crafting an amazing title for your blog. Don’t get confused. Your title shouldn’t be so unique that it’s confusing for the reader, and they don’t end up clicking on it because they’re not sure what they’re looking for. However, you should try to make your title at least one of the following things:

  • Urgent
  • Ultra specific
  • Useful
  • Unique

Bear these things in mind, use explosive words, and see how you get on.


Using Clickbait

Clickbait has been a popular way to get people to click on posts and content. However, it can be grossly misleading, and people are starting to wise up to it. Some people have stopped clicking on this content at all, and those who do click on it and don’t find what they think they’re going to find can quickly lose respect. You don’t have to describe what’s going on in your content down to the letter, and of course it should be clever, but it should never be misleading. One example of real clickbait: ‘Baby ducks see water for the first time – can you BELIEVE what they do?’ – the headline was paired with a post of baby ducks sipping from a pool. Not as amazing as the title led you to believe, huh?

Exhausting A Good Idea

A few bloggers have had a good idea and got a good response from it. That doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing! It can be tempting to jump on the bandwagon and try to get a slice of that pie for yourself, but exhausting a good idea isn’t the best route to take. Be original and unique, and come up with your own content. Put a spin on these good ideas to differentiate them as much as possible. The more original and unique you are, the better.

Never Linking To Other Bloggers

You should definitely link to other bloggers in your posts, for a number of reasons. Linking to other bloggers invites people to join the conversation, so you’re not sitting there wondering why nobody is interacting with you.  This also helps you to create relationships with other bloggers, which is important in this industry. Linking to others will mean you get more exposure, and you can give credit where it’s due if you have quoted another blogger or used their idea. Not only that, you’ll get a little authority juice from linking out to authoritative bloggers. You’ll both benefit!


Blogging Infrequently

Blogging once a month is better than not blogging at all, right? WRONG! Blogging this often means you may as well not be blogging at all, unless you’re doing it solely for your own enjoyment as a personal diary. If you want to get traffic and exposure like most do, then you really need to get into a good routine posting. Once a week could be OK to start with, but 2-3 times a week is a good number to aim for. If you do want to post more, then you can, but just be warned that your posts need to be quality. If the quality is compromised when you put out a higher number of posts, cut them back down. Your content is one of the most important things to your blog’s success.

Failing To Format Posts

Who wants to sit there and attempt to read a big block of text? Nobody in their right mind, no matter how much they want the information! It’s just too much work. Formatting your posts means choosing the right font and color, but more importantly, breaking up big chunks of texts with subheadings. You can also use pictures to break up the text and make your post more attractive.

Are you getting these things wrong when it comes to blogging? Make sure you take the information on board and you can start to make your blog more successful. Becoming a successful blogger can take time, but by taking it seriously, you can go far!

Brandy Ellen is a born and raised NH resident who enjoys living life to the fullest. Raising 3 kids and a pug, Brandy spends her free time writing for her two blogs – ParentInfluence and Brandy EllenWrites. Brandy is also a ghostwriter for other blogs, click here to hire Brandy to write for you.

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