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What is VAProfile.com and Why You Need it

VAProfile.com is a new site for virtual assistants and bloggers to connect. You can find an assistant or find new work, depending upon which profile you setup. Currently in the launch stage, VAProfile is set at a one-time low fee but will be on a subscription payment module in the future. Developed by my other half as another site to help solve a problem:  to stop wasting time conversing about rates. More often than not virtual assistants are going back and forth sharing rates, answering questions and wasting precious time conversing about options when they should have a site like VAProfile to showcase what they offer, how much and allow prospects to converse only when ready to hire them.

VAProfile cuts out the time involved in sharing rates, and allows someone to see your rates when you let them and come to you only when they truly ready to move forward. In addition, you can sign up as an affiliate and make cash off prospects who want to head into the system to see your rates. This platform has the potential to earn you all some cash on the side as well as showcase your skills for new clients in one location.

What is VAProfile.com?

VAProfile is a connection site. There are no fees taken away from you other than the membership fee. You simply pay to have a blogger or virtual assistant account, setup your profile, sign up as an affiliate if you wish and that’s it! If you are both a blogger and virtual assistant then you pay for and setup two profiles within the system. Once you have your membership ready, setup your profile by filling in the bio, services you offer or services you need to hire someone for and add a photo. Adjust other details as necessary and voila, start spreading the word about the place to go if anyone wants to hire you or apply for a position you are hiring for.

VAProfile.com is a place to connect bloggers and virtual assistants without taking any fees out of your hard earned money. The one time profile setup fee, or future recurring fee, helps us keep the site running smoothly and allows us to keep this site active to help save you time. Our mission with all platforms we develop is always about saving time – forget harder, work smarter!

Why you Need VAProfile.com

As a blogger of 8 years and virtual assistant for about the same duration, I know how time consuming it can be to converse with multiple people about rates. You can spend a half hour easy per prospect explaining rates and services only to find they disappear. This is frustrating because you are spending precious time answering all of the questions, explaining what your services and rates are only to find out they are just gone!

VAProfile really allows you to save time in that you can explain services under your profile, list rates and make rates public or per request only. This allows you the freedom to send prospects to a one-stop profile where they can answer most of their questions simply by reviewing what you have listed and then approach you directly only when they are ready to move forward in the hiring process. Perhaps you will still have to answer a few questions but VAProfile.com will certainly cut out a lot of unnecessary repetitive questions for virtual assistants.

As a blogger, VAProfile.com allows you to list services you want to hire for. Reviewing VA’s in the platform and find someone who best suits your needs for experience and rates. It’s much easier to review a VA on our system than to try to search the groups in FB or other higher paid platforms to hire a virtual assistant. This opens the doors to let you hire someone who has taken the time to list out their services, how the service works and a rate that they will complete the service for. No more searching for word of mouth references, when VAProfile.com allows a rating and review section for VA’s you are able to see who has been recommended and valuable feedback right there on their profile.

What is VAProfile.com and Why You Need it

Whatever you are looking for, be it to hire a virtual assistant or you are a virtual assistant seeking more work, VAProfile.com is your answer. So head on over, have a peek and get in the platform now before it gets so big that your competition rises along with pricing!

Any questions? Feel free to ask! Mike and I are usually around to answer questions. Join our FB group to connect directly with us too.

VAProfile is a new site that recently launched to help cut out the time involved in hiring a virtual assistant or finding work as a virtual assistant.

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