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Invest Back into Business for Financial Growth

Invest Back into Business for Financial Growth

As a startup blogger and virtual assistant back in the day, I hated the idea of investing any money into my business. I had to save it all, because by nature I am a saver not a spender. As years went on, I sort of got stuck into this consistent income phase. I couldn’t make much more than about a couple grand if that a month and while it helped support three kids, I knew there had to be a method to increasing that revenue. There are so many ways to make money online, why was I stuck in a rut of making just the same each month?

What is and Why You Need it

Don’t Get Stuck in Fear

I was stuck because I was scared to invest any profit back into my business. I simply invested the startup costs of a hosting plan, a domain and some other small necessary items but neglected to look into the bigger picture of business. In order to run a successful empire you must invest some funds back into the business to help it grow. This is something I have started to be more open minded of, after going back to work outside of the home as an administrative assistant, I quickly realized I made more cash online than getting a bi-weekly paycheck. I felt unfulfilled after a year’s time and had to go back to working at home.

Make a Change

This time I knew things would be different. There was going to be more smart investing to support the business and I would narrow down what I wanted to do as a grown up. I started being a ghostwriter. First dabbling in writing content and selling it directly in Facebook groups, I was averaging about $60 or more an hour depending upon the article topic. It was fantastic! Then I thought about automation or pushing content creation as a ghostwriter for company blogs. There’s more out there to do when you think about it, so how could I get creative?

I invested some funds into a content delivery system. I started investing about $20 per month in Facebook Ads and I started writing from the heart to market my skills on my blogs. I am good at telling a story but not so good at selling in a cold call type way. This was my calling and my calling required some cash investments.

3 Tips to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur

Ask Yourself These Questions

While I don’t know exactly how much money I have invested back into my business this past year, I am sure it was just enough. Here are some thoughts I had and still continue to go back to whenever I feel the desire to purchase another plugin, domain or other business necessity:

  • What is the cost compared to how much time it will save me?
  • Will this help boost sales or is it just a gimmick that may work?
  • Is there a trial period to test out what I want to purchase?
  • What is the benefit of spending cash on this product or service?
  • At the end of the day, will I be okay financially if I spend the cash?

Sure there are more questions involved but those are the simplest ones that matter the most. So today, when you are sitting here wondering why business is staying the same; ask yourself if you have invested any profit back into your business. If you answer no, then start thinking about cost effective ways to put some funds back into the business. When you do this, you will start to see a substantial increase in income and you will thank yourself later!

Brandy Ellen is a born and raised NH resident who enjoys living life to the fullest. Raising 3 kids and a pug, Brandy spends her free time writing for her two blogs – ParentInfluence and Brandy EllenWrites. Brandy is also a ghostwriter for other blogs, click here to hire Brandy to write for you.

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  1. Absolutely – I think when you’re a sole proprietor, especially with something like blogging where there’s virtually no overhead, it can be hard to know when to start outsourcing. For me, it’s all about value and time gained. I invested more in my business in 2016 than any prior year, mostly on business travel expenses and my virtual assistant, and it was 100% worth it! When my assistant takes care of tasks for me, it frees up my time to take on more work, so it “Pays for itself”, otherwise you will have a limit as to how far you can expand your business.

  2. It’s the old adage of you have to spend money to make money. We all only have so many hours in a day – anything to give us those hours back is priceless.

  3. Sounds like you are finding some great ways to make it all come together and work for you. It is tough to decide if you save or invest back into the business though.

  4. I see so many people, especially small business owners, who don’t push themselves to make their business thrive. These are great tips.

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