How to Get Back on the Happy Train When Life Sucks

Tips and tricks on how to get back on the happy train when life simply sucks. If anxiety is taking you down, sadness is creeping in then read these tips.

Sometimes in life you can feel ugly. You can start to feel underappreciated, and start to live in this self-pity mode. It happens to the best of us. Why do I write about relationships in addition to work from home, positive living and parenthood online? Well because it all intertwines. Sometimes when we feel like our world is crashing down on us, everything else falls apart.  At times I start to feel ugly, I feel as if I have made some bad choices. I feel like questioning everything. Often times this could be blamed on anxiety, but if my anxiety is getting that high, then what’s going on? You see I am a firm believer that if anxiety is on high then something is off kilter in your life.  So what happens when you start to feel like there’s no feeling left, you’ve lost that shine and nothing seems to fit like it used to?

Duh, you get back on the positive mindset train. Silly goose!

No, really. You take time to evaluate what’s going on in your life. You take time to determine your thoughts. What is triggering these feelings? Why do you feel unworthy of success, love and happiness?

The answers will vary depending upon the individual, of course, but the method in which you bring yourself back to reality may be more similar than you realize.

How to Get Back on the Happy Train When Life Sucks

How to Get Back on the Happy Train When Life Sucks

  • Remember that you matter most! I don’t care what your partner says or is doing. I don’t care if your best friend is whining to you all of the time. I don’t care about any other person except YOU. You need to get back into this mindset of putting yourself first, if the relationship fails because you were doing what you needed to do to get back on cloud 9, oh well. Sometimes there are repercussions for things we must do to feel whole. You have to first be confident that you are going to take charge of you again and not let anxiety fuel the questions of the final outcome.
  • Set some business and personal goals! It’s important to always have goals that you are working towards and achieving. Sure a work from home professional may have to focus on making cash to pay the bills, which takes away from the ultimate dream of your success, but if you focus just an hour each day towards your goals in both personal and business life, you will start to feel accomplished. When you start to feel accomplished, your anxiety subsides and your mood is uplifted. This is difficult for people like me who give and give, but you have to learn that you can only give so much before you break. Do not allow yourself to break for others!
  • Do something you Enjoy! Whatever you enjoy in life is a necessary part of you. Sometimes we get into business, relationships and parenthood then all of our fun gets sucked away. This doesn’t have to be the case, you can run a home business, have a beautiful relationship and raise children while enjoying the things that matter most to you. In addition to setting some goals, try to set aside some time to focus on doing something that you enjoy. You must have joy in your life in order to start to get back on that happy train.
  • Get the “I Don’t Care” Mentality! Give up on worrying about your partner and children so much. Your partner is a grown adult and after time you may feel like you have given just so much that you are depleted; let your partner figure some things out on their own while you work towards hopping back on that happy train. Your children can survive without you helicopter parenting them too, believe me they will be okay. Get in touch with your inner “I don’t care” attitude and place priority back on yourself. This type of push for yourself will ultimately  make your parenting and relationship life be much more awesome, trust me!
  • Do not play the Blame Game! If you are fearful that your children and your partner will distance themselves from you, well go ahead and play the blame game {note this is sarcasm}. That’s the first way to get rid of anyone who cares about you. Remember that your unworthy feelings, your anxiety and this depression that is sucking the life out of you, is no one’s fault. To be honest, I don’t even think it’s your fault; it’s simply part of being a human being. My last bit of advice is to be weary of blaming anyone else for your down feelings, focus more on solutions and getting you back than pointing fingers at others.

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You are Not Selfish

We live in a society where it’s perceived that we are selfish when we take care of our own needs. There’s a balance in all areas of life that is acceptable. If you are having the life sucked out of you because your world is spinning around and you feel completely lost, ugly and unworthy then you must whack out of it. Do what I shared today, take these tips and hold them close to your heart. Start to get you back and if other things fall apart, then they weren’t meant to be. You cannot control what other people feel or do, but you can control how you feel and what you do to make yourself feel better!

Tips and tricks on how to get back on the happy train when life simply sucks. If anxiety is taking you down, sadness is creeping in then read these tips.

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  1. I find when I am have a bad day, week or month. Not feeling good about myself it is always best for myself to go and give service. Makes me feel good and realize I am just fine.

  2. I found myself in a rant circle a few months back that I couldn’t shake. I felt like someone whose positive like me should feel this low but you’re right we all do feel low and ugly sometimes.

  3. There are always things in life that drag you down. For me, it is my daily commute to and from work – and I stress about it daily. I try not to bring it into my home.

  4. It can be so hard to be happy when bad things are happening around us or to us. I find that I have to make the decision to find the silver lining among the darkness to keep me going.

  5. Setting goals is always the thing that helps me the most. It reminds me I have things I want to do and things to work for and that always helps!

  6. I try to feel and think positive these days. I used to worry about things and I became unhappy. Not worth it.

  7. I’ve been there–sometimes it just takes time to get back on the “train” as you referred to it. Sometimes a mixture of these suggestions and just time to reflect/heal are enough, and oftentimes medication is needed. Everyone is different with different circumstances.

  8. This is a great post. I have a friend who is struggling now who could really use this. I know that not blaming others is really important. I also know that finding stuff for yourself that helps you recharge makes things better for everyone. So taking some you time is essential. It’s not selfish when you have depleted your resources to take care of yourself. You won’t be good for anyone else until you do.

  9. We all need to take care of our self first. If we don’t take time for ourselves we won’t be able to care for others in ways we should. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  10. Gawd! The last 2-3 weeks I’ve been in a MAJOR funk! I find that the best thing for me to do is NOT feel guilty about it and just wait for it to pass. When I start feeling crappy about feeling crappy, it takes LONGER to start feeling good again.

  11. My happy train has done some de-railing as of late. I feel like I am responsible for everyone. And the sad thing is, my husband and children are all grown ups who should be responsible for their own happiness. Definitely going to take the “don’t care” mentality to heart.

  12. Thanks for the positivity post. I completely agree with your points here. Setting goals and doing things that I love really helps bring me back to reality.

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