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Looking for the Perfect Partner in Life: Reasons Your Financial Belief Systems Should Match Closely

One of the biggest reasons why a marriage ends up in divorce is down to major conflicts about the marital finances, which prompts the question whether you should do your matchmaking with more of on an emphasis on financial compatibility?

Love is always the defining factor of course, but laying your cards on the table and opening up to each about your finances and your beliefs about how to handle money, could be a key factor that helps you to enjoy a long and prosperous marriage.

Here is a look at how to tell if your financial stars align with each other, including the importance of financial compatibility, how to work out if you have the same attitude about money, plus a way to look for financial clues about the sort of lifestyle your future partner might aspire to.

Sharing the same beliefs

It is not very romantic to even consider the idea of basing your decision to marry on whether you share the same financial belief system with each other but if you do find that you are compatible when it comes to how you manage your finances, that is a big tick in a very important box.

There are some people who would argue that if there is a fundamental gap between your individual financial beliefs you should cut your losses before getting hitched and let go of the relationship.

That is a bit of a radical suggestion and some people can change their ways if they work hard at trying to iron out wrinkles in the marriage, but it can be a major stumbling block that could come back to haunt you once you have tied the knot and share each other’s money.

Financial issues can be just as influential in shaping a relationship as having kids, so what should you know about the state of your future spouse’s finances and beliefs?

A good attitude

A prime pointer about your partner would be to see what sort of attitude they have towards money.

Spending any sort of time with them should reveal their true colors and you can quickly gauge whether they are reasonable spontaneous and generous with their cash or if they are more accurately described as frugal.

Knowing what they think about money and how they came to be like that, such as being careful with money because they took a hit with an unexpected job loss, will help you see whether there are likely to be some confrontations about how the marital money is spent and how much you are both comfortable with spending on major purchases like a Jeep Wrangler, for example.

Lifestyle aspirations

Another potential flashpoint when it comes to finances is when your lifestyle aspirations don’t align.

If you are planning to get married to someone who enjoys a minimalist lifestyle and doesn’t have any ambitions to move up the property ladder or enjoy some bucket list holidays, you presumably have the same perfectly acceptable modest aspirations.

If that isn’t the case, be prepared for some arguments over where you are going to call home and where you are going to take your vacations, if you go anywhere at all.

When you start to look at it, you can soon see that if you have very different ideas and attitudes about money it could potentially drive a wedge between you when you are married.


How to make sure your financial beliefs match to have a successful relationship.

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