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Stop Fighting Over Finances: Ways to Keep Money From Ruining Your Relationship

It’s totally normal for couples to argue but, if you’re in a relationship, you probably argue with your other half more often than you think. It is estimated couples bicker and argue a huge 2,455 times a year and, whilst arguing sometimes is totally normal in a healthy relationship, big arguments can be detrimental.

One of the main topics couples argue over is money. Whether it’s about what you should buy, judge each other on purchases you’ve made or simply have completely different monetary habits, arguments about money can ruin a relationship if not dealt with properly. There are many underlying reasons why couples continually argue about money so, if you’re in this position, it’s vital you identify them before it’s too late. To get started, here are some simple methods of both handling your money arguments and stopping them from ruining your relationship.

Ways to Keep Money From Ruining Your Relationship

Being honest about your financial past

The first step to stopping arguing over money so much is to identify why you’re doing it. A key method of doing this is simple: communicating.

Taking the time to sit down with each other and discuss all things money is sure to uncover something that may be triggering these arguments. Perhaps your partner was brought up in a wealthy, middle-class family and has little concept of the value of money? Or maybe you put too much emphasis on saving and forget to live for now and find it hard to enjoy yourself?

Being fully open and honest about your past, both personal and financial, will not only strengthen the communicative bond between you and your partner but will likely bring to light what’s triggering you to argue about money so much.

Set goals

If you haven’t both specifically defined together what you want from your finances, how are you going to be on the same page? Generally, arguments within couples stem from being unhappy with something your partner has done but, if you don’t have a unified goal you’re both working towards, it’s likely you’ll never be happy with each other’s financial actions.

Whether it’s saving for something major like a house or both being in agreement for purchasing a new car like the Chrysler 300, ensure you both have the exact same financial goals in mind.


As with virtually every aspect of a relationship, compromising is key! If you’ve both been brought up exposed to completely different financial habits, it’s natural for you to approach money in different ways. But by accepting each other’s backgrounds and compromising to accommodate each other, you’re sure to find a ‘happy place’ in which you can both be financially secure.

Almost every single couple will have arguments but, if you’re continually arguing about a serious subject like money, it’s clear something needs to change. By opening up, setting goals and compromising with each other, hopefully, your money arguments will become a thing of the past and you can focus on something more important instead – making each other happy!

Ways to Keep Money From Ruining Your Relationship

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