Thinking About Selling Your Blog?

Thinking About Selling Your Blog

In October 2106 I sold my “baby”, the blog that started me off on this work from home adventure was going to be sold. No more would I be known as Happily Blended online, the brand was going buh-bye. When approached about selling my blog I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to sell it at first. I had thought about selling the brand before, I mean I had written on it for about eight years, built it up with some awesome content from brands, paid gigs and other campaigns but I wasn’t feeling like Happily Blended was me anymore. If you are in a position as I was, thinking about selling your blog but uncertain if it’s the right choice for you, here are some tips to ensure that you are confident that selling your blog is the right decision …

Thinking About Selling your Blog Brandy Ellen

Will you be creating a new brand?

Ask yourself if you are interested in starting a whole new brand over? Selling your blog and started a new one isn’t the same as renaming your blog, which many people do. Once you sell your blog there’s no turning back. You lost all of that content. You lost all of those social media followers. You must truly start over. Will you be creating a new brand and will this be okay with you?

How much is your baby worth?

Only you can set a reasonable price on your blog, a price that makes sense to you and allows you to walk away from that brand without regret. The average pricing structure to sell off your blog and social media attached to that blog is to take your annual revenue then multiply it by a number of years it would take you to rebuild a new blog. For me, my magic number was approximately 3 years, yet I would sell for a lower rate of 2.5 years income possibly. I had my number in mind and stood firm.

Are you ready to walk away?

When you think about selling your blog you have to be confident that you are perfectly okay with walking away from it. No more will all of that fabulous content be yours, it will be owned by someone else. All that hard work will be theirs not yours and you lose a little bit of the recognition. Will you be okay with walking away and losing that recognition?

What are your future plans?

It may sound awesome to sell your blog to get this huge influx of cash, but what will your future plans be? You shouldn’t sell your blog off just because you have bills to pay for you will regret losing that one thing that made you happy and earned you a bit of income. Think hard about what you will do after selling your blog, who you want to be and what your next venture will be so that you have a plan in mind and can walk away confidently.

These are just a few of the questions I had to think about when selling my blog, Happily Blended. I had to be absolutely certain I wanted to start over. I had to be sure I was okay with walking away from nearly eight years’ worth of blogging and social media build up and start over. I had to make sure the magic number it sold for was going to be acceptable and I had to be okay with letting content go as-is, with the exception of my children’s content (that was removed before sale). If you are thinking about selling your blog, please tread lightly and go in a direction that your soul is guiding you towards for this isn’t a decision you can take back once the transaction is complete.

Some things to think about when you are wondering if you should sell your blog. A 3 part series by Brandy Ellen who sold her blog in 2016.

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  1. Ahhhh I don’t think I will ever ever be ready to sell my blog. I think it’s also pretty hard to do that if you’re a lifestyle blog. Just because it’s YOUR life 🙂

  2. I don’t think I will come to thinking of selling my blog. I have put in so much hard work in it, and it has really been my “baby” since its conception in 2005. Who can ever sell their babies?

  3. I’ve never thought about selling my blog before, and I didn’t even realize that was a thing. Have a lot of people done this?

    1. Yes people do sell their blogs. Usually when they are getting out of blogging altogether, starting a new blogging venture or such. I was offered money to sell my blog to someone who had done paid posts with me. It was during a time I was thinking about creating a whole new brand (rather than simply rename my blog) so I went with it and did the whole process to sell off my brandy Happily Blended. I did this in October 2016. I miss the social media profiles mostly as they were built well, but I am happy I sold it and had money for family and to invest back into a new brand.

  4. I do not like to ask myself that.I am putting my heart and soul in my blog and I do not think that I can put a price to that one day.

  5. I don’t think I could ever sell my blog. I have been asked to sell my site by random people a few times now and said thanks but no thanks

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